Configure Zoho Mail for your organization


Enterprises (500+ users)

If your organization has a huge number of employees, you can choose to configure email delivery in Zoho Mail, while retaining some users in your previous email service. Set up an organization-level email policy, email routing, and other complex configurations that will suit the needs of enterprise businesses.

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Medium and large businesses (16-500 users)

If you're a large organization, add some users to Zoho Mail to try it out and then migrate using the protocol that best suits your needs. Learn how to set up coexistence if you want to use two environments for email delivery.

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Small businesses and startups (2-15 users)

Configure Zoho Mail for your users by signing up for the required number of licenses, adding the users to your organization, assigning them roles, and guiding them through their basic mailbox configuration.

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Solopreneurs (1 user)

If you've just started a business and are the only user of your account, follow this guide to sign up with Zoho Mail, set up your organization account, and learn the basics of how your mailbox works.

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Enhance your email experience with Zoho Mail