How to generate Part A for employees without TDS?

Employees who fall under the “No-tax” slab will not have any record of TDS. For such employees too, the Form 16 has to be generated. However, Part A for such employees might not be available in the TRACES portal. In this case, create a dummy (blank word document) PDF file. Then, name it with the employee’s PAN number and compress the file.

If you have multiple employees with ‘nil’ TDS, then compress those Part A files together. Upload them to Zoho Payroll and the Part B will be automatically generated for these employees. You can then sign it digitally and publish to your employees.

If you want to generate Form 16 separately for TDS and non-TDS employees: Compress all the TDS employees’ Part A files together and the non-TDS employees’ Part A files together. Upload these batches separately and publish them to respective employees.