How do I filter my customers/vendors?

Customers/Vendors can be filtered and viewed in two ways, either according to level of activity, or according to what category they fall under. Customers/Vendors belonging to any one such type can be viewed separately by going to the Customers/Vendors tab, clicking on the drop down arrow above the customers/vendors list and selecting the customers/vendor you want shown up on your screen. The various types are briefly explained,

1) According to Category:-

  • Customers – These refer to your customers that you sell your goods/service to.
  • Vendors – These refer to the vendors who supply goods/services to you.
  • CRM contacts – These are the contacts that you have imported into Zoho Books from Zoho CRM.
  • GAPP contacts – In case your Zoho Books is integrated with your google account, your google contacts will be shown up under this heading.

2) According to level of activity:-

  • Active – Active customers/vendors are those with whom transactions are taking place or about to take place. As such, all customers/vendors have de facto Active status unless marked inactive.
  • Inactive – This status is assigned to the customers/vendors who have been manually marked as inactive, or whose transactions have been transferred to a Master customer/vendor after merging.
  • Duplicate – This refers to contacts which have been duplicated. These are commonly created when contacts already existing in Zoho Books are imported from Zoho CRM

Sort and view your customers/vendors

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