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Know Everything About GST

A comprehensive resource for understanding the Goods and Services Tax
New Learn the basics of the Invoice Furnishing Facility(IFF), a new feature for tax payers in the QRMP scheme. Read More
GST Glossary

Know the basic GST terms and their definitions

GST Basics

Understand the concept of GST and its impact on businesses


Learn about the e-invoicing schema and workflow

Invoice Furnishing Facility

Learn how to upload invoices and transfer ITC


Learn how to file quarterly tax returns


Understand the uses of this form

GST Registration

Learn about the eligibility criteria and the processes involved in GST Registration

e-Way Bill

Learn about the contents, validity and methods of generation of e-way bill

HSN/SAC Finder

Find HSN and SAC codes for your items

Transition to GST

Confused how to move to GST? Find out more about transitional provisions.

Supply under GST

Learn how time, place and value of supply under GST can determine your tax liability

GST Returns

Learn about the different types of GST returns and when to file them

New GST Returns

Learn how the New GST return works

Input Tax Credit

Learn about reconciliation and how it helps you receive Input Tax Credit (ITC)

GST Invoicing

Learn about the invoicing rules and regulations in the GST regime

Composition Scheme

Learn how Composition Scheme in GST is helping small businesses

Reverse Charge

Learn about reverse charge, its importance, and implementation under GST

GST Accounting

Learn about the different accounting records you must maintain under GST

Payment of GST

Learn how to make tax payments for GST on time

GST Compliance Rating

Learn about GST compliance rating and how it helps businesses find trustworthy vendors

Procedures in GST

Learn more about audit, assessment, and advance ruling procedures in GST

Penalties in GST

Learn about the non-compliant activities that lead to penalties in the GST regime

Exemptions in GST

Learn about the various goods and services exempted from GST

GST Transactions

Learn about the types of documents issued during various GST transactions

Do you know how GSTR-1, GSTR-2 and GSTR-3 work? Find out

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