GST Registration

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The process of GST registration involves filling and submitting an online application in order to obtain an unique GST Identification Number (GSTIN).

Before diving into the process involved in GST registration, let’s take a look at the eligibility criteria for GST registration.


Businesses with an aggregate turnover exceeding Rs. 20 lakhs must mandatorily register and pay for GST. Threshold limit is based on the yearly aggregate turnover of a business.

Aggregate turnover is the sum of all taxable, non-taxable, and exempt supplies. It also includes export of goods and services (if any).

Apart from the above mentioned criteria, there are a few cases where GST registration is mandatory. They are:

Required Documents

While registering for GST, please make sure that you have soft copies of the documents mentioned below:

Private Limited Company/Public Company

 Documents related to the business

Documents related to directors

Documents related to the office

Limited Liability Partnership

Documents related to the business

Documents related to the business partners

Documents related to the office

Normal Partnerships

Documents related to the business

Documents related to the business partners

Documents related to the office

Sole proprietorship/Individual ownership

Documents related to the business

Documents related to the office

Registration process for existing tax payers

If you’re an existing tax payer, you will receive a provisional username and password from the tax authority under whom you are registered. You can also reach out to the tax department to obtain the provisional username and password.

You will have to use these credentials to log into the GST portal and submit the necessary forms for obtaining GST registration. To start with the registration process,

The next step is to register for GST and receive a provisional GST number.

Registration process for new applicants

GST registration for new applicants is open from June 25, 2017 and will stay open for the next three months.

To apply for a new GSTIN, please follow the steps mentioned below:

GSTIN (GST Identification Number)

GSTIN is a 15-digit identification number issued by the tax department upon successful processing of your application.

Decoding the GSTIN will give us the following information:

Checking the status of your Application

You can track the status of your GST application by following the steps mentioned below:

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