The ability to give zealous presentations is indeed a vital leadership trait. I’m sure you would have been inspired by great presentations like Steve Jobs’ keynotes. Many other top CEOs are also fantastic presenters. Their effectiveness can be attributed to their focus on the audience and being aware of the pulse of the crowd.

We, at Zoho, have a new Mobile Presentation App which makes it easy for you to do exactly that; an App that lets you take total control of your presentation without ever having to turn away from the people listening to you.

Meet ShowMote, your remote control friend for giving slick presentations from your Mobile Phone. This Presentation App is available for both iOS and Android. 

How ShowMote Works
ShowMote works in tandem with our full blown online presentation platform, Zoho Show. Use your free Zoho account to create or upload your presentations in Zoho Show and fire up ShowMote to control your presentations right from your iPhone or Android Smartphone.

Benefits of ShowMote

Take ShowMote with you wherever you go, it’s your mobile companion for presenting your slides. It is not just a replacement for your clicker and pointer, but lets you do much more,

  • Start and stop slides easily.
  • View speaker notes whenever needed.
  • Hide screens, highlight selected elements and point using a laser pointer.

What you see on your mobile screen is what your audience sees on the presentation screen. And, there is another great advantage that ShowMote offers. Even if you are presenting remotely over a video conference, your presentation can run live before your audience and you can control it from wherever you are using ShowMote.
What next? Get the ShowMote App from iTunes and Google Play right away.

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  1. Narenzoho

    Hey Ron, if you are referring to ‘Keynote Remote’ from Apple, then here are some of the advantages of ShowMote:Jump to any slide in the presentation, not just the next one.
    Share your presentations from Zoho Docs, in just few taps.
    Switch to another presentation midway, if it’s needed.
    The laser pointer is not line-of-sight restricted.
    Hide screen, just in case you need your audience to focus on you and not on your presentation.

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    The information you gave that is really useful to me… I will surely implement this information..

  3. Ron Davies

    How is it better from the standard app that Apple includes in its IOS for free?