Team Collaboration

Tear down the walls between the teams in your company. Make customer service a company-wide commitment so that people across teams can make customers happy, together.

No distance too great, no wall too strong, for your teams can now collaborate effortlessly.

Here's a glossary of terms you might come across. Just hover over one to look up its meaning.


Your agents can create additional filters to see only tickets that match a specific criteria. For frequent use, a set of such criteria can be saved as a View.


Your employees can use comments to collaborate with each other within the complete context of a ticket.

The Team Feed

A common place where your employees can follow latest updates from specific tickets or customers. They can also add comments and respond to internal conversations.

Notification Center

All the notifications pertaining to your tickets will be aggregated and visible in the Notification Center.

Agent Collision Detection

When two agents open the same ticket, they each get notified of the other working on the ticket. This helps avoid multiple responses to the same ticket.

Help Center

Before raising a ticket, your customers can search within a repository of frequently asked questions or ask a community of peers. The Help Center is your own self-service website that facilitates this.


Your team can articulate the best possible answers to frequently asked questions. Every such answer is called an Article. It can be hosted either privately or be made available publicly.

Click on an article to read it now. Or get selected articles delivered to your email, and read them later.

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