Multichannel Customer Service

Make it easy for your customers to reach you from wherever they are. Be it email, phone, chat, social media, web form or community, make your presence felt across all channels.

Stay connected to your customers, by all means.

Here's a glossary of terms you might come across. Just hover over one to look up its meaning.


When customers need help, they get in touch with you. Every such conversation is called a ticket.


Employees from your customer service team who listen to and answer tickets are called Agents.


Customers could use any means to reach out to you, such as email, phone, chat and your website. Each of these means is called a Channel.


Your customer service efforts could be classified into functional groups like technical support, refunds, and billing or into product groups. Each of these is a department. Each department can have its own finer configurations.

Ticket Status

Every ticket goes from being created to being resolved, through a series of stages. Each such stage is called a Ticket Status.

Service Level Agreements

Your team could decide to resolve each ticket within a particular duration of time, based on who it is from, what kind of issue, what channel or other criteria. This duration of time is called an SLA.


Telephony is one of the channels in Zoho Desk that lets you make and receive calls on the web, without having to use a conventional telephone system, with the help of third-party services such as Trilio and RingCentral.


Contacts are the people in a company you interact with in pursuit of a business opportunity.


An account is an organization that you do business with.

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