Insights and Impact

To tighten the bolts of your customer service machine, you first need to know which ones need fixing. Zoho Desk lets you do precisely that. Track important metrics and spot trends in real time, using customizable reports and dashboards.

Try these features to know not just where to improve but also how much to improve.

Here's a glossary of terms you might come across. Just hover over one to look up its meaning.

Customer Happiness Ratings

Your customers can rate the quality of the service they received, after every interaction or at the end of a full conversation. These are called Customer Happiness Ratings.

The HQ

When a manager needs to quickly look up the team's performance while keeping a tab on the individual agent's progress, the Headquarters is the dashboard she'd need to refer to.


When tickets are not answered or resolved on time, they can automatically be escalated to someone else within the team, like a manager.

Workflow Rules

You can automatically perform actions such as sending a notification, assigning a task and updating a ticket, based on a set of criteria.


Your agents can perform a set of actions on a ticket with a single click. They can save each set as a Macro.

Ticket Assignment Rules

Using a set of rules and criteria, every incoming ticket can be assigned to an agent who is most capable of answering it.


Your agents can create additional filters to see only tickets that match a specific criteria. For frequent use, a set of such criteria can be saved as a View.

First Response Time

First Response Time is the average time an agent takes to send the first response to a ticket.

Response Time

Response Time is the time an agent takes to send a response to a communication from the customer.

Resolution Time

Resolution Time is the average time an agent takes to resolve a ticket from a customer and close the ticket.

Agent Scorecard

Your agents can view their respective performance statistics such as number of open and closed tickets, happiness rating score, ticket response time and resolution time. All of these are updated instantly.