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Mobile SDK for Zoho CRM

Mobile software development kits (SDKs) are sets of tools that facilitate the creation of various mobile applications, be it simple ones that can be created in minutes or the complex ones that have a lot more functionalities.

An SDK lets businesses and individuals create their own applications. Custom apps provide tailor-made, customized user experience, that are intended for employees, higher officials, customers, business partners, clients, etc. However, no matter what development kit you use to create your business app, it needs to be integrated with a CRM system. With the added benefit of a robust SDK solution, you provide your users with an app that meets their needs.

Why do you need an SDK for mobile?

You'll have the necessary components to build a dynamic mobile app integrated with Zoho CRM

Having a good SDK for mobile spares a developer the effort of developing the application manually. By using an SDK to create an app, a developer saves a lot of time by skipping the development part and directly design the app according to expectations. 

Customized mobile experience for the end-users

Let's say that field agents are to make data entries from different locations. The generic CRM app might not be as agile as they want it to be. A mobile application tailored for data entry to your CRM would increase the versatility of the app by letting them make the entry from the application instead of the CRM native app, enhancing their productivity.

Employing the Mobile SDK to create the app with CRM also keeps the information of users secure. It equips the app with sufficient security, reliability and improves the seamless transfer of information from the app to the CRM system.

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