Android SDK Development

Android SDK Development

Zoho CRM's Mobile SDK is a framework that helps developers build mobile applications to interact with their Zoho CRM data.

Currently, the mobile app for Zoho CRM acts as a mobile interface to the Zoho CRM's web interface. But in case you need the mobile app to serve a specific purpose that conforms to your business needs, you might want to have an app which has only that specific function. For example, an app for a team that only approves leads or an app for a field team where one could upload photographs and client's documents on the fly.

SDK Responsibilities

  • Scaffolding - Zoho CRM dependencies inclusion and base project creation.
  • Authentication - User login and logout.
  • API wrapping & version upgrades - API requests wrapped as method calls.
  • Data modeling - CRM entities modeled as language objects.
  • Metadata caching - Essential metadata are cached to avoid unnecessary API calls.

The mobile SDK takes care of the above, so that the developers can focus on the UI components of the mobile app.

System Requirements

  1. Node Package Manager (npm)
  2. Android SDK
    • JAVA 7
  3. Android Studio
    • Gradle (2.2.3)
    • Android Plugin for Gradle


  • The minimum supported Android API level is Android 18 (Jellybean 4.3) and the maximum supported Android API level is Android 26 (Oreo 8.0).

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