Installation of necessary components

Required App Components

Zoho CRM SDK is hosted with NPM (Node Package Manager). After installing NPM and its dependencies, use the following command to install Zoho CRM Mobile SDK.

npm install -g zohomobilesdk

Since this is a command line utility, we request you to install this globally. This may require super user privilege in Linux based systems. However, this will also work if installed locally inside a directory. With this, the SDK expects that the project files are also created in the same directory.

Running this command will install a terminal command zohoios. You can test the command by simply running zohoios in your terminal prompt, which would display the help message of the command. All interfacing to the mobile SDK is done through this command.

Register a Zoho Client

Since Zoho CRM APIs are authenticated with OAuth2 standards, it is necessary to register your app with Zoho.

  1. Visit
  2. Click “Add Client ID”.
  3. Enter the Client Name, Client Domain & Redirect URI
    Sample Redirect URI : zohoapp://
  4. Select the Client Type as Mobile.
    Your client app is now registered. The Client ID and Client Secret of the newly registered app will be found under Options > Edit in the above mentioned website.
  5. Click Create.


  • You can also change the Client ID, Client Secret, Redirect URL and other settings of a running project by opening AppConfiguration.plist in your project and changing corresponding configuration.
  • In case you face errors with using NPM, try the install command with Sudo.
  • The Redirect URI must be your application’s custom URL Scheme.

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