Shiji Switches to Zoho CRM to Optimize Global Sales Processes Across Entire Company

"We selected Zoho primarily based on the sheer breadth of its products and cost efficiency. Our main focus was to find a provider with a suite of advanced product offerings. Whenever we need to administer a change in Zoho CRM, the technology is so well-developed that it becomes an easy task."

Ryan KingSenior Director of Global Strategy, Shiji


Shiji holds a leading position in the hospitality industry, handling 60-70% of China's hotel information system's market share for the high-end sector of hotel and retail industries. Today, the company serves clients in 180 countries including 91,000 hotels, 200,000 restaurants, and 600,000 retail stores.


The main challenge for Shiji was finding an all-inclusive platform to unify its CRM across all products and services within the full suite of Shiji’s technology stack, especially with the company’s recent acquisitions. The need for a single system to support all sales and customer relation activities was crucial in Shiji’s continued growth.

Need for flexibility, support and cost efficiency

Being in the business for over 20 successful years, Shiji has built an extensive and loyal global customer base. As every client is unique with customized tech needs, the company needed a system robust enough to keep up with its exponential growth to keep track of every customer. Shiji was also looking for a comprehensive system to unify the multiple pre-existing systems that came with various acquisitions it had made. The tech company selected Zoho CRM as its main solution due to the flexibility, support, and cost efficiency offered across all fronts.

Searching for a support system to increase sales and profitability

The company required a solution that allowed its sales teams to further improve sales and overall revenue. In order to achieve this, they needed a clear process first. From lead generation to closing deals with customers, having a definite roadmap was essential for success — thus Shiji began its search for an appropriate replacement software that was tailor-made for its needs.


Weighing Zoho CRM against competitors

Ryan King, Senior Director of Global Strategy at Shiji, considers himself a convert since switching to Zoho CRM. He, along with Global CRM Manager Sergio Texeira, felt that Zoho CRM served more of their needs than previous solutions did. Given the continued growth of the company with the introduction of new products and solutions, Shiji required a future-proofed software to match the increasing complexity of Shiji’s needs with the intuition to manage its range of requests.

Benefits and ROI

Zoho integrations driving efficiency

The diversity of the Zoho ecosystem was an indispensable factor in Shiji’s decision to change to a system that could satisfy all needs. Uniting its different business operations on a single platform freed the company from the confusion of separate, disjointed applications. The adoption rate of Zoho CRM at Shiji is currently 95%.

In addition to Zoho CRM, Shiji also implemented Zoho Campaigns to facilitate massive email campaigns for various digital marketing initiatives and Zoho Analytics to create an in-depth and clear picture of Shiji's KPIs. With these various functionalities in place, Shiji management is now able to track every aspect of the company's growth and determine what needs to be improved.

"We have made full use of Zoho’s capabilities and we are seeing its results range beyond everyday operations and make a positive impact on the big picture."

Sergio TexeiraGlobal CRM Manager, Shiji
  • Industry typeIT Services
  • Employees5000
  • Type of businessPublic

Global expansion

Despite the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the hospitality sector, Shiji is still seeing growth using Zoho across its various regions. It is possible through the continued implementation of products and services in hotels, restaurants, retail and entertainment outlets to new and existing Shiji customers.

Zoho Apps Powering Shiji Group's business:

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