A Singapore-based marketing company that grew 5 times in just 5 years!

"We haven't explored even 50% of Zoho CRM's functionalities yet, but we feel we have already achieved what we wanted to."

Tony GeorgeFounder, Display Science

The company

With over 15 thousand taxis in Singapore and an average of more than 40 million rides per day, Display Science discovered one of the most successful platforms for marketing. Founded in 2016, Display Science is a popular digital out-of-home and in-transit media company in Singapore which partners with taxi companies to provide a medium for entertainment, advertisements, and communication.

Display Science provides an end-to-end solution, from installing hardware and promoting businesses to providing detailed performance analysis reports, and they depend on Zoho CRM for handling their day-to-day business processes.

The challenge

Display Science realized they needed a CRM pretty quickly. They started off using Google Sheets, which they felt was fine when the team was small, but as the team grew, so did their needs. For a bigger team, collaboration became an issue. There was no clear information about who was handling which prospect or which stages the different prospects were in. This lack of coordination and information flow caused issues for the team. As the PDPA was enacted, they also needed a system that adhered to the privacy policies followed in Singapore.

The solution

Display Science learnt about Zoho through one of their partners and decided to give it a try. Zoho CRM's simple and customizable interface allowed a seamless migration from their previously used system and helped streamline their sales process, availability of contextual information and collaboration across multiple countries. Zoho CRM also gave them more control over the data and made it easy to achieve PDPA compliance.

The founder Tony George says "We haven't explored even 50% of Zoho CRM's functionalities yet, but we feel we have already achieved what we wanted to." They soon found that Zoho doesn't just deal with sales force automation but has an entire ecosystem of products that could serve them better and have now chosen Zoho One to explore its capabilities.

  • Industry typeMarketing & Advertising
  • EmployeesBelow 50
  • Type of businessPrivately held

Display Science's message to Zoho

Keep doing what you are doing, you are good at it!

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