Many organizations use different software systems to manage emails, calls, customer relationship management, etc. for their sales, marketing, and support teams. Since customer information is in silos, it's difficult to understand customer behavior, improve inter-department and team collaboration, and monitor and track real-time analytics. It's also difficult to identify the life cycle phase your customers are in and have a single view of customer data. So the only way for organizations to overcome these challenges is to have a comprehensive view of customer data on one software platform, which is usually time consuming, laborious, and expensive.

Zoho CRM Plus changes all of that. With a suite of business applications on the Cloud, organizations have fewer obstacles to creating the best customer experience possible. Zoho CRM Plus includes Sales Automation, Exclusive Email Client for Sales People, Visitor Tracking, Helpdesk, Projects Collaboration, Marketing Automation, Social Media, Customer Survey, Activity Management, and Metrics & KPI.

So it's not only much easier for your sales, marketing, and support teams to know each customer's history and have a single view of their data, it's also much cheaper. CRM Plus enables organizations to improve operational efficiency, maintain customer satisfaction, and accelerate business growth. From reaching out to prospects to closing deals to offering support and retaining loyal customers, Zoho CRM Plus is with you in every phase of the customer life cycle.

With Zoho CRM Plus you can: Improve customer engagement, collaboration, and productivity among your sales, marketing, and support teams Reduce operational costs Increase sales performance, sales conversion, and ROI Help your sales team make better sales decisions Reduce the sales cycle Deliver exceptional customer service Target the right audience segment, keep track of competitors and events, build your brand's identity and reputation, measure and analyze social media performance, and track revenue Streamline your team's work, be more organized, collaborate better, and have clear visibility of your project metrics through integration with Zoho Projects Identify marketing trends and make smart decisions to accelerate business growth through real-time reporting. The following scenario illustrates how Zoho CRM Plus can be put to use.

Zoho CRM Plus comes with the following features:

  • Sales automation
  • Exclusive email client for sales people
  • Visitor tracking
  • Helpdesk
  • Projects collaboration
  • Marketing automation
  • Social media
  • Customer survey
  • Activity management
  • Metrics & KPI
  • Centralized user management

Zoho CRM Plus also provides customization options. With Advanced Automation, you can create workflows; schedules; web forms; rules for escalation, lead assignment, and approvals; and notifications.

Let's say you are planning to launch a new product. You can create a social media campaign or an email campaign. With the help of SmartQ, you can publish the post to the targeted audience.

Your campaign responses can then be tracked, so you can identify who from your campaigns has visited your website and automatically convert them to leads. You can also interact with website visitors instantly through live chat and answer their questions.

Once you've created new leads, you can contact them by phone, email, chat, or through other channels supported by Zoho CRM Plus. You start receiving sales queries from prospects and find emails piling up in your inbox. With SalesInbox, you can organize and prioritize emails, create filters that reflect sales priorities, and view how your contacts have progressed through the sales life cycle. You can also perform CRM activities right from your inbox, automate lead conversion process, set rules to create leads, contacts, and deals, assign time to remind you when you have to hear from prospects or customers that matter to you most.

Now you can track all further conversations and transactions you have with that prospect. And, once the deal is won, you can create a project, set milestones, create tasks, and track project activities and project issues and close them. You can also give your client permission to view and keep track of project activities and deliverables.

Once your customer has purchased your product, you can assist them through Helpdesk. Track customer tickets, define your SLAs, and measure customer happiness. You can create advanced surveys to get periodic feedback from customers to improve your product.

Reach out to your customers and build lasting relationships with them by creating, sending, and tracking your email campaigns in Zoho Campaigns. Create campaigns so you can cross-sell and up-sell your products, segment your subscriber list, and add new subscribers. Take advantage of auto-responders to send emails, share your campaigns on social media, and see how well they do in real time.

Business intelligence reports and dashboards can be created to analyze customer data and make informed decisions.You can set targets, create contests, and motivate your sales team to perform better with Zoho Motivator. Through contests, you can foster healthy competition among your team members, help them win trophies and badges with every deal they close, and generate more revenue.

The centralized user management feature lets you add and manage users to Zoho CRM Pus from a centralized place. With centralized user management, you can ensure that your customer data is secure, without introducing complicated processes. From engaging your prospects to generating and nurturing leads to closing deals to providing better customer support, you can manage each process in your sales, marketing, and support teams with Zoho CRM Plus.

Browser Requirements

To access and work with Zoho CRM Plus, the following browser requirements are recommended:

  • Chrome - 10 and above
  • Mozilla Firefox - 8 and above
  • IE - 10 and above
  • Safari - 5 and above
  • Opera - 12.1 and above.

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