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  • The top 5 challenges in field services - and how to overcome them with low-code

The top 5 challenges in field services - and how to overcome them with low-code

Organizations are always looking to maximize their existing equipment and improve their current business processes. Along with maintenance services, installation, and on-site repair, field service management organizations can add high-value custom services built on low-code platforms to expand their repertoire.

But to succeed in field service management, it’s essential to identify challenges early on and adjust your operations accordingly.

So what are the top 5 challenges in field services?

  1. Increased demand for value-added services: Many organizations are postponing new software purchases and upgrades to recover from the recent economic downturn. Instead of buying more equipment and new devices, they’re making do and managing with what they’ve got. Businesses are increasingly focused on improving response time, eliminating legacy systems, and integrating with newer software. In this scenario, as a field service business, value-added services help to maximize the potential of existing systems and enhance market purpose.

  2. Customer relationships: Field service management businesses deal with fewer face-to-face interactions and a reduced opportunity for customer relationship management. Modifications are needed to continue building and fostering existing and new professional relationships. It’s crucial to alter your current resources to adapt to this new way of interaction through collaborative software and custom solutions to new operational processes and strategies.

  3. Customer support and technical fixes: With the increase in work-from-home and remote office scenarios, field service management organizations need to find new ways to resolve tickets, manage problems, and address customer queries while improving response times. Bringing the service to the customer is not always possible in this situation, which means there's a new dependency on mobile and software solutions. From improved connectivity and data collection to better reporting, technologies such as low-code can be adopted. Custom solutions can include AR, remote support, and predictive maintenance.

  4. Keeping up with modernization: With few resources and staffing available, there is a new focus on the significance of development and innovation. As many organizations are either unprepared or incapable of purchasing expensive new equipment, the demand for new technological capabilities is increasing all the time. This situation has introduced a new era of hardware and software development in the field services sector. From custom software solutions to creative field service management applications, businesses that offer something updated are the ones that are likely to survive.

  5. Order management: The different steps in order management always seem to intersect with each other. For example, if an organization is facing problems in order management, it could indicate that multiple units in their field service management are liable.

A work order in field service management software has four primary tasks:

  • Identifying the order

  • Allocating the order

  • Completing the order

  • Creating a record of the order

Finding a platform that can keep track of all these tasks is ideal for a smooth field service management experience.

Field service management software with low-code

Do any of these pain points resonate with you? An ideal approach to addressing them is to build a custom field service management application that enables you to solve all these challenges through a single platform. Low-code application development is the ideal choice here, as it offers you a way to design and develop applications with little or no coding. Low-code application development platforms empower businesses to build custom solutions with innovative functionalities that cater to specific business models.

Focused on providing customized solutions at accelerated speeds, Zoho Creator is the platform to choose. The development team at Zoho Creator is experienced in custom applications and working with organizations that have complex environments. Put your field services on the road to advancement and start a conversation with our development team now.

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  • qubesenseJanuary 10, 2023 at 2:54 PM

    "Great post! It's clear that the industry is rapidly becoming more digitized, and companies that don't adopt digital solutions will likely fall behind their competitors. I also agree that customers are more likely to do business with companies that have adopted such solutions. Implementing field service software not only saves cost but also optimizes resource allocation and streamlines processes, reduces manual labor, and minimizes errors, resulting in increased efficiency and productivity. For any company, the best deal is to get a customized field service management software that fits perfectly into their system without having to make changes in their processes to use the software"

  • HappisalesOctober 13, 2022 at 4:26 PM

    Order management and collection management are the important challenges in field service business. Thank for sharing the solution to overcome field service challenges.


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