One app, infinite possibilities: BidList's journey with Zoho Creator

Ever wished your business could run on autopilot for routine tasks? Imagine decisions being made with super-smart insights, and every customer feeling like your service was tailor-made for them. That's the magic of digital transformation, and it's reshaping the landscape for an increasing number of businesses.

Most consulting and research firms today emphasize the significance of digital transformation. According to Gartner, 91% of businesses are engaged in some form of digital initiative, and 87% of senior business leaders say digitalization is a priority. This trend showcases how business leaders are leveraging emerging technologies to gain a competitive edge.

Harnessing low-code for digital innovation

Low-code platforms play a pivotal role in driving digital transformation, by offering a range of capabilities that accelerate application development, streamline processes, and empower organizations to adapt to the rapidly evolving digital landscape. The agility of these platforms allows for quick adaptation to changing requirements, while their collaboration features bridge the gap between business and IT teams. Moreover, these platforms seamlessly integrate with existing systems and services, fostering a holistic digital ecosystem.

In this blog post, we'll explore how BidList, a US-based startup, harnessed the full potential of Zoho Creator to start their digital transformation journey.

Introducing BidList

BidList is a modern marketplace startup that's revolutionizing the home improvement industry. Since its establishment in 2020, the company's main objective has been to streamline the home improvement experience by providing a seamless shopping platform for homeowners and contractors.

Navigating the hurdles

With this vision, the company faced many challenges along the way. With a team of approximately 10 internal users and close to 800 customers interacting through their customer portal, BidList needed an efficient solution to manage business processes and cater to a growing user base. They were looking for a centralized platform to provide their customers with accurate quotes and project details.

Discovering Zoho Creator

Alex Parker, co-founder, and head of technology and development, discovered Zoho Creator during his previous role. Frustrated with the limitations of SQL databases and full-stack development, he sought a more flexible solution and found Zoho Creator. When BidList was established, Alex chose Zoho Creator as the foundation for the business, utilizing his knowledge to build the necessary architecture.

Transforming operations through low-code

BidList leveraged Zoho Creator to build a comprehensive application that addressed their specific needs. Within this single application, they developed robust modules, including a quoting system, project management tool, and integrated Zoho apps to enhance operations and workflow. By utilizing the platform, BidList was able to enjoy an array of benefits:

  • Transparent quotes within 20 minutes
  • Enhanced productivity and performance
  • Annual savings of $300,000

 "We were able to accomplish what would typically require four to five developers with just one or two developers. The user-friendly features and flexibility of Zoho Creator make it accessible even to people with limited coding knowledge." 

 - Alex Parker, Co-Founder & Head of Technology and Development 

Dive into this special podcast as Alex shares his journey with low-code and how he embraced the digital realm, built smart solutions, and managed to achieve huge savings annually.

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