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  • From paper to pixels: How ARSCCOM digitally empowered NGOs using Zoho Creator

From paper to pixels: How ARSCCOM digitally empowered NGOs using Zoho Creator

  • Last Updated : September 1, 2023
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Our #JustLowcodeIt blog series is back for another exciting year as part of our Developer's Month celebrations! Get ready for a year full of informative and inspiring success stories from our partners across the globe.

For our first installment of the #JustLowcodeIt series, we've got our partner ARSCCOM, based in India, sharing how they successfully helped an NGO digitize their operations using Zoho Creator. Thank you for sharing your story with us!

This blog is written by Manjunath M, Head of Digital Marketing, ARSCCOM Resources and Management Services.


The world of non-profit organizations, as showcased by the Pratham Education Foundation, is complex. They constantly navigate numerous tasks and responsibilities in the education sector.

This resulted in an overwhelming amount of manual processes and paperwork that started affecting their mission. Recognizing the need for a remodel, they partnered with ARSCCOM who are specialists in implementing digital solutions.

With Zoho Creator, they embarked on a transformative journey to digitize their operations. Here are the details of this remarkable collaboration.

Understanding the problem

Along with the admirable mission of Pratham Education Foundation came significant challenges including managing paperwork, monitoring participants' progress, and collecting payments.

  1. Time-consuming paperwork: In organizations, especially NGOs with limited resources, extensive paperwork was a significant concern. Manual registration was not only slow but also error prone, compromising efficiency and stakeholder trust.
  2. Training challenges: Pratham's training programs are central to their mission. However, without an efficient system, monitoring individual progress proved difficult. Scheduling and notifying participants also became logistical hurdles.
  3. Payment delays: Funding is vital for NGOs. Pratham, however, faced issues with their collection methods, impacting both operations and the momentum of their mission.

ARSCCOM's digital strategy with Zoho Creator

Identifying Pratham Education Foundation's challenges, ARSCCOM saw the potential of Zoho Creator to provide solutions for registration, training, and payments.

  1. Digital registration platform: Traditional paper forms gave way to an online system. This change not only saved time, but significantly reduced human error, leading to more accurate data and faster registration.
  2. Enhanced training system: ARSCCOM introduced a holistic training management platform through Zoho Creator. This platform enabled Pratham Education Foundation to track each participant's journey from enrollment to progress, all available with a simple click. Automated notifications kept participants informed, minimizing confusion and boosting participation.
  3. Improved payment mechanism: Taking advantage of Zoho's tools, ARSCCOM set up an efficient online payment tracking system. This system expedited payment collections. Incorporating Google Maps also allowed field agents to plan collection routes effectively, ensuring comprehensive coverage.

The positive impact on Pratham Education Foundation 

After ARSCCOM's solutions were in place, Pratham Education Foundation experienced immediate and significant benefits like increased efficiency, more transparency, and improved training methods.

  1. Enhanced efficiency: The shift to digital processes resulted in a marked increase in productivity. Tasks that previously took days were finished in hours.
  2. Transparent operations: A significant benefit was the increased clarity in financial operations. This transparency in funds inflow and allocation facilitated better planning and resource management.
  3. Better training modules: The new systems transformed training sessions into well-documented learning experiences. This change benefited participants, especially those from remote areas.

Concluding thoughts

Pratham Education Foundation's alliance with Arsccom illustrates the transformative power of technology. Using Zoho Creator as a foundation, Arsccom revitalized Pratham Education Foundation's operations, allowing the NGO to refocus on its essential mission: "EDUCATION". This collaboration emphasizes the significance of identifying operational challenges and the profound impact the right technological solution can offer.

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