Building a custom Electronic Visit Verification System using Zoho Creator

  • Last Updated : September 1, 2023
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For the latest installment of #JustLowCodeIt, we've got KDG, a partner based out of the US, sharing how they solved their customer's problem using Zoho Creator

This blog was written by Mike Dranginis, AVP of Zoho Development, as part of the Creator Developers' Month initiative. Thank you for sharing your story with us!

The company

KDG is an award-winning Zoho Creator partner located in Allentown, Pennsylvania, offering development, consulting, training, and support for Creator, CRM, Projects, Campaigns, Books, and other Zoho One tools. Having worked with hundreds of private and public companies in manufacturing, nutraceuticals, engineering, telecommunications, higher ed, health care, ecommerce, and more, they were honored to be named 2021's Zoho Creator Global Champion.

This 100% US-based company also offers UI/UX design, custom software development, managed accounting, cybersecurity services, and digital marketing. With a commitment to transparency, understanding, and the unexpected, KDG has a 98% customer satisfaction rating across 2,800+ reviews. 

Developing a custom EVV with Zoho Creator

KDG has worked alongside The Arc of Lehigh & Northampton Counties for over a decade. The nonprofit organization champions a life of inclusion, opportunity, and equity for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) through advocacy, education, and support, and has directly served the Allentown, Bethlehem, and Easton areas for 55 years. 

The organization works with hundreds of caregivers and employees to carry out their important, life-changing mission. However, over 700 caregivers and employees were previously using paper timesheets and a 20-year-old system to process their payroll and submit for government reimbursement.
A lack of visibility and accuracy posed major challenges for the nonprofit organization, especially for their accounting team, who needed to submit EDIs 835, 837, and 276/277 to the government for reimbursement. Meanwhile, without Electronic Visit Verification (EVV), The Arc could miss important funding. To help meet these government compliance standards and secure funding, The Arc turned to KDG & Zoho to develop an EVV application using Zoho Creator.

Why Zoho Creator?

The main driver behind The Arc moving forward with Zoho was Creator’s flexibility. The application is extremely customizable. Any report they need, outlining everything from costs and codes to services and clients, can be built and saved in one accessible location. The Arc can trust the accuracy of this reporting while knowing they comply with government regulations.

The Process

The process and user flows this app follows include a complex series of reviews and approvals to ensure data is accurate and compliant.

  1. A service provider visits a client onsite and “punches in” using the custom Zoho Creator application. 
  2. The application uses location services to verify that the service provider is in fact with the client during that time.
  3. When the service provider is done assisting the client, they “punch out” and provide notes on the services they’ve performed. These notes are sent to the client’s caretaker for review. 
  4. The electronic timesheet and notes recorded in the Zoho Creator application are then sent to The Arc’s central office and turned into a record. 
  5. Next, the record moves to the billing team for review and approval. 
  6. After the records are approved by billing, they move on to a third-party government contractor who must also approve the records. All approvals are recorded in the Zoho application. 
  7. Once all records are approved, they are forwarded to a custom billing application. Another third-party government contractor must review the records and make a final decision on whether reimbursement can be dispersed. 
  8. Claims can either be approved, denied, or sent back for remediation. 

The application: Built on Zoho Creator

  • Is HIPAA compliant and compatible with government forms EDI 835, EDI 837, and EDI 276/277.
  • Features digital timesheets, GPS tracking, document compliance, user permissions, Zoho Analytics, and third-party payroll integration.
  • Saves hundreds of hours by eliminating manual records and reporting. 
  • Submits 5,500-5,800 records to the federal government every pay period.

The software built using Zoho Creator definitely has improved our accuracy. It totally eliminates double payments and double billings. At the end of the day, it’s saving the company money.

- Kristy Pollock, director of HR, The Arc of Lehigh & Northampton Counties

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