What's new in the recent Zoho Contracts update

  • Last Updated : November 9, 2023
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In our latest update, we have introduced the following feature enhancements to Zoho Contracts:

  • Reports module enhancements

  • RTL (Right to Left) support in contract language

  • Experience enhancement in approval workflows configuration

Let's take a closer look at each of these improvements.

Reports module enhancements

Zoho Contracts features an exhaustive Reports module with over 35+ standard reports across different aspects of contract management. In the latest update, we've added two new reports under the Performance reports category: Top Contracts with Long Negotiation Time and Top Contracts with Long Approval Time.

What is measured, could be improved. These new reports allow admins to quickly identify contracts that were stuck in negotiation and approval for a long time, along with the turn around time (TAT). Insights from these reports empower businesses to revisit their strategies and improve their processes.


We've also worked on a few experience enhancements to the filter options and columns in the table views of some existing reports.

RTL support in contract language

Users can now switch the text direction to RTL (Right to Left) to include languages such as Arabic or Hebrew in the content of the contract. The option to switch to RTL is available when adding or editing intro text, clause language, and ending text. RTL support is also available for contract letters: amendment, extension, renewal, and termination letters. Please note that we are yet to support RTL orientation in the user interface of Zoho Contracts.


Experience enhancement in approval workflows configuration

Earlier, users could only associate an approval workflow to a contract type while editing the contract type or creating a new one. We've now added the Associate Contract Types multi-select picklist field in the New Approval Workflow and Edit Approval Workflow forms. This means admins can associate an approval workflow with multiple contract types while editing an approval workflow or creating a new one. 



Watch this space for announcements on all the latest updates in Zoho Contracts. If you have any questions regarding the above updates, please reach out to us at support@zohocontracts.com.

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