Zoho Contracts and Leegality integration: Sign contracts on digital stamp papers

Zoho Contracts and Leegality integration

We are pleased to announce the Zoho Contracts and Leegality integration. With this integration, you can affix digital stamp papers to your contract documents and get Aadhaar-based signatures in Zoho Contracts.

What is Leegality?  

Leegality is an e-signing, digital stamping, and document workflow platform that enables businesses to stamp and sign documents digitally. It offers authorized digital stamp papers from over 25 states of India.

What is digital stamp paper?  

The Indian government levies stamp duty, a form of tax, on certain agreements (e.g., property transfers). When you pay this stamp duty, you gain access to a stamp paper that must be affixed to your contract document for it to be legally valid and admissible in court. Today, you can procure these stamp papers online by paying the stamp duty. Software like Leegality can procure stamp papers for you in a legally-compliant manner and digitize them.

Feature overview  

To enable this integration, you'll need to connect your Leegality account with Zoho Contracts. You can then affix your Leegality-procured stamp papers to your documents in Zoho Contracts. Do this by choosing the required stamp paper when sending a contract for signature.

During the signature process, you have the option to set signing orders. Post-signature, you will get a copy of the signed contract by email and in the Agreement History section in Zoho Contracts. In addition to the activity logs in Zoho Contracts, Leegality provides you with a detailed audit trail.

Read our help documentation to learn more.

Note: This feature is available in the Professional plan of Zoho Contracts from the Indian data center.

If you are new to Zoho Contracts, sign up for our 15-day trial and explore the features, including the Leegality integration.

If you have any questions or feedback, write to us at support@zohocontracts.com.

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