What's new in Zoho Contracts

Here are the new features that we’ve rolled out in our latest updates:

  • Upload Word Document as a contract template
  • Send contracts for signature from the mobile app

Upload Word document as a contract template 

You can now upload Word documents as contract templates in Zoho Contracts at the time of the creation of a new Contract Type.

Please note that the clauses in the uploaded template will not be automatically extracted into the clause library, so some features such as clause-based analytics and the ability to reuse clauses will be impacted.


Send contracts for signature from the mobile app  

You can now send your negotiated contracts for signature from the Zoho Contracts iOS mobile app while you’re on the move. Users have the option to add or edit signers, set the signing order, and send a contract for signature from the app. When you send the document for signature, you’ll be able to view the contract document and drag and drop the necessary fields for each signatory.  




All of the features that are available in the web application during this stage of the contract lifecycle, such as extending signature expiry, replacing signers after sending a document for signature, and recalling signature, are available in the mobile app.

This feature is also applicable for renewals and amendments, in which case, the respective letters will be sent for signature.

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