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  • Last Updated : October 24, 2023
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The little things matter. Simple, thoughtful gestures are often those that get etched in our memory. Workplaces are no different. The more open you are to letting your co-workers know that they matter, the happier your workplace will be.

On this employee appreciation day, it's important to understand that you don't need a specific day to celebrate the people that hold your business together; appreciation needs to be an integral part of your work culture. After all, we’re human and we get by with a little help, a nudge every now and then, to make us feel like we belong. Ultimately that's what great work cultures do: instill a sense of community or a sense of belonging amongst its employees. At the core of this is appreciation and gratitude.

How can you make employees feel appreciated? 

While monetary benefits remain paramount, here are a few considerate gestures to let employees know you value them.

Provide employees a space to express themselves 

Whether it's sharing ideas, bonding over shared interests with coworkers, or being able to network with people across all hierarchies, make sure employees are given the freedom to communicate and be their genuine selves, whether it’s in hallway conversations or virtual interactions. Cultivating openness in communication helps create a secure environment for employees and lets them know that the organization trusts them.

Recognize and reward employees 

Drop in a "Good Job" to a coworker who has given their first presentation, or a "Thank you" to a team member or manager who helped you out with closing a deal. Leave them a personalized note or simply use a platform like Connect to send kudos to one another. What better way to let someone know that you value them than recognizing and being grateful for who they are and what they do. 

Build transparency and trust 

One of the best ways to let employees know they're appreciated is to trust them and include them in company-level activities. Whether it's an award or a customer acquisition, celebrate the wins—both big and small—with all of your employees. Acknowledge birthdays, work anniversaries, and other milestones. You can share them on your employee communications platform to let everyone join in on the fun!

Value employee feedback 

True appreciation goes beyond recognizing and rewarding people's contributions. Your employees will feel the most seen and heard when you start valuing their feedback. By conducting regular pulse surveys or holding Q&A sessions with them, you can understand how they perceive the organization, their grievances, and how to best address them in order to provide pleasant employee experiences.  

Focus on employee well-being 

Appreciation and well-being always go hand in hand. Be mindful of the amount of work that employees are made to handle. Allow them to prioritize their work-life balance, give them a water cooler space to engage in activities that aren’t about work—for example, an online book club, or meetings where coworkers can get together and play fun games like Pictionary. When your employees are happy and at peace at work, your organization is on the path to achieving the culture you've dreamed of.

Many of these things may seem small, but they can go a long way in positively impacting your employees' relationship with the organization and, by extension, the experience your business provides to customers.

So don't hold back on the appreciation and the gratitude. If you need a little help to get you started, we have something for you.

Happy employee appreciation day!
Celebrate each other, every day.

With gratitude,
Team Zoho Connect

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