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If you're looking for an ecommerce platform that's easy to implement and natively feature-rich, Zoho Commerce is the right choice for you. With its scale-as-you-grow approach, the platform has all the features an ecommerce business needs right from day one.

Easy to begin

Our generous trial period gives you all the time you need to explore Zoho Commerce without inputting a credit card! We understand your time is precious and you need to spend it focusing on setting up your store and launching your business without having to worry about being charged. With Zoho Commerce, it really is less hassle and more hustle!

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Well-begun is half-done

Excellent inventory management

Keep track of your stock and consolidate your inventory with Zoho. Whether assigning SKUs for each variant individually or processing cancellations and returns, Zoho's tools have you covered. Sync your ecommerce store's data like customers, sales orders, price lists, and products in real time for a comprehensive view of your inventory all on the same platform.

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Effortless scale

Hassle-free accounting

Accounting poses many challenges for business owners starting out. Thanks to Zoho Commerce's built-in features, you can easily create invoices, track sales and purchases, file taxes, prepare returns, and monitor accounting in real time without having to resort to external plugins.

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Transparent pricing

Unparalleled security

Zoho stores its data on self-owned and managed private data centers across the globe and has built-in enterprise-level security to ensure your data stays safe and secure. Zoho Commerce also includes a real-time fraud analytics feature which displays key transaction-related information with sellers so they can proactively cancel a transaction on suspicion of fraud.

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Security and privacy

Natively high on features and functionality

With built-in features such as product reviews, AI-powered product recommendations, price lists, advanced couponing, live shipping rates with five international shipping carriers, composite products, and a mega menu, Zoho Commerce is natively rich in incorporated features every growing ecommerce business needs.

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Unified operations

Scale effortlessly

With Zoho Commerce's scale-as-you-grow approach, you can seamlessly integrate your online store with 50+ Zoho products and many third-party tools to run email campaigns, boost customer engagement, receive customer feedback, understand user behavior, and much more on the same platform without having to rely on external plugins.

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Decades of experience

Wix eCommerce vs. Zoho Commerce at a glance

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  • Features

  • Plans
  • Advanced accounting functionalities
  • Self-owned local data centers
  • Built-in-AI-powered product recommendations
  • Built-in-real-time fraud analytics
  • Product reviews
  • eCommerce
  • Starting at $27 per month
  • Via app
  • Zoho commerce Logo
  • Starting at $22 per month*
  • Built-in

*Billed annually

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