Inventory tracking Inventory tracking Inventory tracking Inventory tracking Inventory tracking

Inventory tracking

for you while you make the sales.

Keeping track of your inventory manually can be a daunting task. With Zoho Commerce, you can check on each product's stock and watch it update automatically with every sale you make.

Be in the know about every item in your inventory, and even get timely low-stock reminders sent to your inbox.

Get started on your

Inventory journey

As you start adding your products, you can set the stock for each one, including its variants. After you've added the inventory levels, you can adjust them from the Manage Stock module. To receive inventory reminders, turn on email notifications.

Inventory journey
Consolidate your inventory data

View your entire inventory in one place. Increase and adjust stock levels as you restock your goods.

Keep your store up to date

Track your products' stock levels as you process your orders. Your current stock is displayed in every order you receive so you're never surprised by low stock.

Know when to reorder

Never miss out on a sale. Get timely email reminders about low-stock and out-of-stock products so you have sufficient time to reorder.


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