"We had a clear vision for our website but also wanted to save on initial costs. We were determined to build and manage our store in-house. In this regard, we found Zoho Commerce to be our ideal match."

— Swati and Vijay, Owners of ZipNow

A green vision

Swati and Vijay are the dynamic duo behind ZipNow, an online store offering a diverse range of daily essentials made out of silicone.

Their journey began when they witnessed the harm disposable plastics caused people's health and the environment and decided to explore sustainable alternatives for storing food. When asked about their vision, Swati noted, "We imagined a healthier, more sustainable future for our child and the next generations, and were determined to take our step towards it."

They discovered that silicone was a superior choice as it's durable, reusable, more sustainable than plastic, heat resistant, and therefore safer to store food. Soon, they started curating silicone-based bags. 

Their entrepreneurial journey, however, was not without its hiccups.

The balancing act

Vijay juggled multiple business commitments, while Swati, a devoted mother, had limited time and resources for a new venture. They struggled to strike a balance between the business and their personal lives while also effectively reaching the right audience.

They realized that taking their business online was the way forward. This decision was fueled by Vijay's expertise in digital marketing. "This project isn't just business, it is deeply connected to our vision," Swati said.

With this in mind, they were on the lookout for an affordable and effective ecommerce platform.

From vision to fruition

Swati and Vijay explored various ecommerce platforms, but their search came to an end when their friend, who had a knack for digital solutions, introduced them to Zoho Commerce.

"We had a clear vision for our website, but also wanted to save on initial costs. We were determined to build and manage our store in-house. In this regard, we found Zoho Commerce to be our ideal match," said Vijay.

What truly drew us to Zoho Commerce was its remarkable design flexibility. Its site builder and visual editor granted us the creative freedom to experiment with different elements and fully realize our vision of ZipNow."
— Swati & Vijay, Owners, ZipNow

Vijay utilized his expert digital marketing skills to run social media ads and boost traffic to their website. With the right platform for their online store, and carefully planned marketing strategies, ZipNow managed to generate an impressive revenue within a year.

A new chapter

ZipNow started with just one product in store, but the moment for expansion arrived quickly. Swati and Vijay wanted to redesign their website to accommodate more offerings.

"We had very specific and intricate requirements that we weren't sure how to achieve in Zoho Commerce, so we reached out to their support team. Their assistance in redesigning our website was exceptional. Within just three days of the relaunch, we observed a noticeable increase in our average order value," remarked Vijay.

The product recommendations feature in Zoho Commerce also helped them cross-sell more products. Now, from storage bags and containers to kitchen products and baby bowls, ZipNow offers a colorful array of silicone-based products to enhance everyday life and also contribute to environment.

"In retrospect, our decision to go with Zoho Commerce has proven to be a wise one. It has allowed us to launch ZipNow with independence, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness—critical elements in our journey toward success." 
— Swati & Vijay, Owners, ZipNow 

Today, ZipNow has matured into a close-knit team of five passionate individuals, each contributing their unique skills to ensure the business runs smoothly. Swati and Vijay proudly noted, "We are not just a business. We are a family united by a common goal—to create a better, more sustainable world for all."

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