E-Powersport is working to make electric transportation the way of the future

Zoho Commerce stands out for its simplicity, support, and intuitive design, which makes it easy to set up. It's like having my own IT team. If you have all your products, pricing, and media content ready, you can easily be up and running in a few hours with Zoho Commerce.

- John Reagan
CEO, E-Powersport

The company

E-Powersport is an electric mobility, micro-mobility dealer, repair and knowledge company, founded by John Reagan. It started as an online store selling e-bikes, e-scooters, and e-motorcycles, with the idea to provide people with efficient, reliable electric transportation.

The challenge

Reagan had previously run a company that handled business consulting process design, and always believed in the ability of tech to transform businesses. "Today, even the smallest businesses can benefit from a simple website—but if you can add an interactive component like a store, you'll get more sales," says Reagan, who began using electric vehicles and felt this was the way forward.

He began looking for tech solutions online. "I had looked at Shopify and Office 365 and these were quite expensive. Also, if I scaled up my work over the years, I'd have to spend a lot more to get all the add-on integrations." Reagan had some experience with Zoho while running his earlier venture, so he knew that an online presence would be possible with Zoho Commerce.

Solution and benefits

Reagan believes that a lot of common knowledge about customer acquisition, which focuses on high spends on social media platforms, needed to be given a second thought. "I found my ROI to be low with the traditional method of social media advertising, but I had benefited from Zoho Social, which allowed me to quickly manage my posts and respond to people. It brings customers in. Also, SalesIQ gives me a good contact point to leverage with our customers. These conversations have led us to many sales."