How Almacen Cervecero opened new business possibilities with Zoho Commerce

 Zoho Commerce is simple and professional and the team has factored in everything. It is flexible, making it easy to adapt it for different business models.

 Felipe González Solís
Proprietor, Almacen Cervecero 

The Company

Since 2011, Almacen Cervecero has been delivering the best training courses, equipment, and raw materials to make craft drinks. The company is based out of the Chilean cities of Santiago and Valdivia. Almacen Cervecero is also actively training its users to brew beers the right way.

The Challenge

The main challenge at Almacen Cervecero was to create a good sales system. "A friend recommended Zoho Invoice to us to solve issues pertaining to sales and preparation of orders,"  proprietor Felipe González said. Zoho Invoice allowed the team to give a quick response to clients with an estimate and then provide an invoice to complete the sale.

While Almacen Cervecero had a website right from the beginning, they also felt the need to register their presence in the ecommerce space. In 2019, they began thinking of building an online store. Being users of Zoho One, they decided to explore options within the Zoho ecosystem to set up their online store.

The Solution

Almacen Cervecero had been using Zoho Inventory for several years, and this gave them further impetus to try Zoho Commerce. "As soon as Commerce was launched, we spoke to our development partner," Felipe said. "He did the integration for us, and then we made some adjustments and reviewed the process to integrate it with what we had already been doing."

The Benefits

Having an online store set up using Zoho Commerce opened up new possibilities for the brand.  "Our customers could now make their purchases at any time and place, which is quite a normal outcome for an ecommerce store," Felipe said. "But what stood our for us is that the whole system is quite friendly since the inventory was already integrated at the backend. Zoho Commerce is simple and professional and the team has factored in everything. It is flexible to adapt it to different business models."

In addition to using Zoho One and Inventory, Almacen Cervecero used several Zoho products such as SalesIQ and an internal application in Creator to issue tax documents. They also use Zoho Showtime, Meeting, and Backstage.

The Road Ahead

While the company wanted to brew the best beers, it became a tough goal to reach due to negligent suppliers. That's why the commercialization of equipment and raw materials went together with training people in brewing beers. "Training is a part of our business model," Felipe said. "But we have also been growing with clients who no longer need a basic course and require advanced training."

The brand has its eyes set on going global. "Some time ago, we started the franchise process and sold in Peru, but our franchisees could not or did not want to continue," Felipe said. "We hope we can do it another way. Making international shipments with the integration of FedEx, it is a great challenge to maintain all the necessary information for this, and we are working on it. As well as positioning ourselves as a wholesaler in our country, because now in each city there is a beer supply store. And we hope to continue counting on Zoho to be able to take our company to the highest."

To learn more about Almacen Cervecero, visit their website

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