More about audio calls

 More about audio calls

  • When the call is connected, both users can converse with each other in the chat window and can also converse in other chats and channels. 
  • When new chat windows are opened, the existing caller's chat window will be moved behind and the audio call will become draggable on screen. 
  • If you try to close the chat window of the user you are in call with, then there will be a popup asking for permission to close stating that closing the chat will also end the call.
  • A prompt to disconnect the current user's call and accept the new incoming call will be dislpayed on screen, if you accept a new call while still on the current call. 
  • Under Settings icon of the call, you can choose your preference for sound input and output.

Tip: When on a Cliq call in mobile app, you can swap between calls if you receive a regular mobile call. 

#1. Audio call on screen#2. Audio call draggable on screen


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