What options does a user have when receiving a call?

What options does a user have when receiving a call?

When an audio or video call is made, the receiver will receive the call in the form of a circle specifying the caller name and the type of call (audio or video), and 3 buttons: AcceptReply and Decline

Note: The call will be received across all tabs in which chat-bar is enabled and also in mobile device if the Cliq app is signed-in.

  1. Accept: When the receiver accepts the call for the first time, they will get a popup asking for permission to access their microphone and camera for audio and video calls respectively. When the permission is granted by the receiver, the call will be connected. 
  2. Reply: If the receiver is busy and can't talk at the moment, then the receiver can choose to reply. When Reply is clicked, a text bar will appear followed by a few reply options. The receiver can type a custom reply or choose any of the given replies. The caller will get the specified message in the chat window.
  3. Decline: The receiver can decline the call. When the call is declined, the caller will be notified that the receiver is busy. 



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