How to start an audio or video call with a user?

How to start an audio or video call with a user?

There are 4 methods to start an audio or video call:

  1. In the chat window, click on the call icon in chat header to make a call. If you want to alternate between audio and video, then hover on the call icon and choose the one you want (the icon in chat header will be the recent call type that you had made in Cliq).
  2. Click the Quick Plus icon next to search bar and select Make Audio/Video call.
  3. Hover on the user in left side bar. In the info box that appears click the audio or video call icon to make a call.
  4. Enter the name of the user in the search bar, select the required user and in the profile that is displayed click on a call icon to make a call. 
    Note: The first time you make a call in Cliq, browser permission prompt to access camera and microphone will be displayed.

Once you've made the call, the other user will receive your call and can choose to accept or decline it. If accepted your call will be connected, and if declined or missed an info message stating that the user is busy or missed your call will be posted in the chat respectively. 

Tip: If you make a call from your mobile app and the user declines it, then you will be shown an option to record a short message wherein you can let the user know the reason for your call!

Click on the call icon in right corner of chat window to make a call.



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