More about video calls

More about video calls

  • Once the video call is connected, both users have options to mute the mic, turn off the camera, talk in full screen mode, chat with each other and in other chats and channels as well.
  • Both users can share their screen by clicking on the More options icon (3 dots) and selecting Start screen sharing
  • When new chat windows are opened, the existing caller's chat window will be moved behind and the video call will become draggable on screen.

Tip: Use alt+enter to easily shift between enabling and disabling broadsheet view.

  • If you try to close the chat window of the user you are in call with, then there will be a popup asking for permission to close stating that closing the chat will also end the call. 
  • A prompt to disconnect the current user's call and accept the new incoming call will be dislpayed on screen, if you accept a new call while still on the current call. 
  • Under More options -> Settings of the call, you can choose your preference for sound input and output and video input. 
  • The video call can be maximized to full screen. Click on the full screen arrow in the top right corner. In the full screen mode, if you click on the chat icon, you can start chatting with the person in call on the right side of the screen. 
    Video call screen inside chat window
    Fullscreen video call




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