How do I share and view files?

How do I share and view files?

  • To share files in chat:
    • Click on the attachment icon in the left corner of your text box. This will open your files view.
    • Choose the image or document and click on Open, the preview will appear.
    • Click on the Share button. 

      #1. Attachment icon
      Click on the attachment icon and select your file.
      #2. Sharing a selected file
      Click on the attachment icon and select the file/image to be shared
  • To download the image/document from the chat window, click on the download icon below the image or document.
    Click on the download icon in the file to save it in your device.
  • To get a better look at an image that's been shared with you, click on the image. The image will now appear in full screen mode, and if it is big then a zoom icon will appear where you can zoom in and out by scrolling. 

Tip: You can also share files, images, and links easily between chat windows on screen by just dragging and dropping them in Broadsheet view.


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