How do I use Zomojis and GIFs?

How do I use Zomojis and GIFs?

Cliq offers a wide range of emoticons and GIFs to make the chat animated and lively. Click on smiley icon in the bottom right corner of the chat window and select from the range of Live Zomojis, Zomojis, Emojis, and GIFs on display. You can also search for any expression in each column. 

On typing a word in the emoji search bar, suggestions will be displayed automatically.

Tip: For quick access type : followed by emoji name in the text box, i.e.  :smile: (zomoji), :smile!: (live zomoji)         You can also use international standard codes like :-) 

Click on the smiley icon and you can search by entering the text in search bar.

Live Zomojis: Click on smiley icon in the textbar to view the emoticons.


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