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MonthlyGo yearly20% Discount
Free$0Unlimited UsersFree foreverFree forever

  • No. of active channels - 50
  • Max. participants per channel - 50
  • Searchable message history - 10K
  • File Storage upto 5GB
  • Security & Data retention Policies
  • Google / Google Apps Domains sign-on
  • Two Factor Authentication (TFA)
  • SAML-based single sign-on (SSO)
  • User provisioning and de-provisioning

Startup$1.8per user/month billed annually $2 month-to-monthStart your free 30-day trialStart your free 30-day trial

  • Unlimited Channels
  • Max. participants per channel - 1000
  • History Storage Control
  • Unlimited searchable message history
  • Channel Permissions to restrict access & usage for users
  • Guest Access

Corporate$90per month billed annually $100 month-to-month (50 users included) For every additional user, same as Startup PlanStart your free 30-day trialStart your free 30-day trial

  • Multi - team support to create a unified organisation
  • Access to team channels
  • Creation of multi-team channels
  • External Channels to interact with third party users
  • Unified directory to converse across teams

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