Now, use Zoho Calendar through iCal

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It’s here! Zoho Calendar’s CalDAV sync is now available for iOS and OSX. If you have an iPhone/iPad, you can now view and manage your events right through iCal, instead of accessing Zoho Calendar via the Zoho Mail app. MacBook users, too, can use iCal to access Zoho Calendar. What’s more, you can use the Calendar even when you’re offline, and later, once you have an internet connection, the events will be synced.

With this sync, you can create an event in Zoho Calendar, add location and description, and invite attendees all through your iCal. You can also set reminders and even accept invites on iCal.

calendar_blogApart from the ease of access, syncing your calendars can give you a better sense of your schedule as it shows your work events—scheduled on Zoho Calendar—along with all others marked on your iCal.

Thunderbird-Lightning users can also configure the CalDAV sync for Zoho Calendar. This will allow them to view and manage events through Thunderbird-Lightning, even when they are offline—the events will be synced once there’s an internet connection. Read more

Group Calendar Support & Other Neat Updates in Zoho Calendar

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There is no refuting the fact that be it work, family or friends, in order to get things done, it is necessary to be on the same page as a group or with your group.

Group CalendarAt times, it is crucial for each person in a group to be aware of everyone’s calendar of activities. This is tough considering other complications like employees in the same company sitting at different time zones, teams changing frequently and what not.

Well, in relation to these thoughts, we are glad to share with you the latest update to Zoho Calendar. We have added group calendar support and other neat features to help you close these communication gaps and collaborate more effectively with your co-workers, team mates and groups.

Group Calendar
It can be overwhelming to plan and track group activities, especially when someone is a part of many groups. In Zoho Calendar, you can now create separate group calendars with different lists of members and also subscribe to other group calendars. Members granted access to these group calendars can create and modify their events, view events of other members and always be in sync with team proceedings.

You can view all your group events combined as a single unified view to get a feel of how stuffed or free you actually are. If you feel your combined view is far too busy, you can right click on a particular group calendar to load it up in a separate tab and then make some event modifications in individual calendars if necessary.

Send / Receive invitations across calendars
We realize that preferences vary from one person to the other and there are many other calendar applications in use. You can now send event invitations and receive RSVP from users of other calendars too. This is made possible through email event notifications via Zoho Mail, playing the part of a mediator between the two calendar services. What is neat is that even if the host does not check his mail, the calendar is kept up-to-date.

Add/View events in different timezones
Scheduling events with participants on different time zones can be really tricky. A little miscalculation of half hour and late arrival for a webinar with a good prospect can be quite damaging. In Zoho Calendar, you can now add /view events in different time zones without having to mess with the time zone of your calendar.

Merge multiple calendars & embed
Embedding your calendar of events on your blog or website is a good way to keep your fans and followers intrigued. If you are someone who maintains multiple calendars, you can now merge events across several calendars and embed a single view. So when you have a form for people to request appointments, they will be able to exactly know when you are free.

Check this what’s new page to learn more about these latest updates to Zoho Calendar. We are confident that these updates will make it easier for you to manage your group activities, events and meetings.

Do post your comments on how these updates worked out for you and other suggestions on improving the Zoho Calendar experience.

Subscribing to Zoho Calendar on iPhone/iPad

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Earlier this month Zoho Calendar stepped out of Beta adding several new features including Calendar subscription. This means you can now view your calendar events in native clients. 

We received several requests for viewing calendar events on iPhone. Zoho Calendar can be accessed through your mobile browser @ (or But if you want to view your events on the native Calendar application, follow these instructions.

First, you need to enable Remote URL for the Calendar you want to access on you mobile device. To do this, go to your Calendar Settings > My Calendar, choose the Details option of the Calendar you want to view. Choose the ‘Sharing’ tab and check the option ‘Enable private address for this calendar’. Choosing the iCal URL will allow you to copy the private URL for your calendar. Once you copied the private URL, transfer this to your iPhone/iPad (email it to yourself) and copy the URL on your iPhone.

Do not publish this URL anywhere. Doing so will expose your calendar information. If you did this my mistake, the ‘Reset’ option will regenerate the URLs (making the previous ones invalid).

On your iPhone/iPad, go to Settings App, choose ‘Mail, Contacts, Calendars’ and choose ‘Add Account’. Tap with
the ‘Other’ option and choose ‘Add Subscribed Calendar’ option.


In the next screen, paste the URL from Zoho Calendar and choose the ‘Next’ option.


This will validate the URL and will allow you to name your calendar. Choose the ‘Done’ option to confirm your settings.

You should be all set. Your native Calendar application you display your events from Zoho Calendar.

Zoho Calendar Steps Out of Beta

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At Zoho, we have several applications that need/have calendaring functionality. Some of these apps include Zoho Mail, CRM, Projects, Planner, Meeting etc. To consolidate all calendars, we launched Zoho Calendar in beta last year. The goal for this separate application was two fold. One, it has to be one of the best calendar applications in the market and Two, it has to integrate/replace other calendars apps within the Zoho suite.

Today, Zoho Calendar is stepping out of beta and we believe it is mature enough to be considered one of the best Calendaring apps in the market. Zoho Calendar’s latest update comes with an extensive set of features for business use. 

Let’s look at some of these new features.

Multiple Calendars

Users can manage multiple calendars in Zoho Calendar. Events created for each calendar are color coded. Apart from multiple personal calendars, you can also subscribe to external calendars, again color coded.

Calendar Sharing

You can now privately share your Calendars with other members with a Zoho account. There are several options for sharing your calendar. There are two options for sharing your calendar in read-only mode and two options for read-write mode. In Read-only mode, you can share your calendar with other users where they can just view only Free/Busy times while the second option provides all your event details with others.

We also offer two options in Read-Write mode. One option lets other users edit your existing events while the second option lets other users create/edit events on your calendar. This option basically gives complete control of your calendar to another user. This will be useful when you have your assistant managing the calendar for you.

To share your Calendar, go to Settings > My Calendars  and choose the ‘Share’ option. You just need to provide the email address of the person you want to share your calendar with.

Subscribing to Calendars

There are couple of options to import events to Zoho Calendar. One option is to import all your events in a single shot using ‘Import by file’ or ‘Import by URL’. The second option is to subscribe to an external Calendar. Importing is a one time event while subscription updates your calendar regularly. In this version, we now added both options. 

We also have options to subscribe to external and internal calendars. By Internal Calendar, we mean, calendars from other Zoho Applications. You can now subscribe to Zoho Projects & Zoho CRM Calendars. To do this, go to Settings > Subscribe to and select the Calendars you want to subscribe to. In case of Zoho Projects, if you are part of multiple projects, you can even subscribe to a specific project.

You can subscribe to any external calendar, in ICAL format, by providing the URL. This updates your events couple of times a day.

You can also subscribe to your Friend’s public calendars using their email address. We also have built-in calendars for holidays which you can subscribe to. We plan to expand this built-in calendar list as we move forward.

Subscriptions are not just one way coming into Zoho Calendar. You can also take your calendar events outside Zoho by enabling private address for your calendars (under My CalendarsShare) and subscribe to your Zoho Calendar in other external Calendar clients like iPhone.

Embedding Zoho Calendar

Want to embed your calendar on your blog? No problem. Option to embed your calendar in external sites is a new feature in this update. Obviously, your calendar has to be public to do this. We have ten different templates to choose from and you can also customize the options for the embed. 

To choose the templates for embedding your calendar, go to Settings > My Calendars > Details option. 

Natural Language Processing

It is important for a Calendaring app to make the input easy. So we added NLP support. In the ‘Smart Add’ section of Zoho Calendar, you can type in something like ‘Meeting with customer on Friday at 3pm’, Zoho Calendar will create the event for you on Fri at 3PM.

Agenda View

If you want to look at all your events in a grid view instead of a Calendar view, we now have that option. You’ll notice a new ‘Agenda’ tab on the top where we list all your events as a list. 

Additional Features

These were just a few features. This major update includes several other goodies like the option to sort your calendars in settings page, option to clear your calendar etc. Zoho Calendar is also available on mobile devices like iPhone/Android @ A plug-in for Outlook is also available to synchronize events. We also have an Open Social gadget that lets you embed it in external apps like Gmail, iGoogle.

We hope you are as excited as we are. We will keep improving the app and will focus on integrating this app into other Zoho Applications. This Calendar application will become the default Calendar in apps like CRM, Projects and more. Meanwhile, as always, your feedback will be very much appreciated.

New in Zoho Calendar : Print View and Free/Busy

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The latest features
added to Zoho Calendar are printing a calendar and checking if the
invitees for an event are available before inviting them.

You can now print your daily, weekly or monthly calendar.

My work and personal calendars

My calendars printed in the weekly format.

The calendar can be printed in Portrait or Landscape mode on A4,
Letter, Legal or Executive papers. Zoho Calendar allows you to have
multiple calendars. And the chosen calendars will get
printed with the color coding intact. You can also save a pdf offline copy of your calendars too.

Check Attendees Availability
Calendar now allows you to check the Free/Busy time of your attendees. Click on
Create Event button at the left, enter email addresses of your attendees in the Invitation field and click on the Free/Busy link.

Time lines will appear showing when your attendees are free/busy and you
can invite them accordingly. Note that this feature gets the
availability of users belonging to the same organization (same Zoho
Business account) alone.

Hope you find the above features useful. Give Zoho Calendar a try.

Introducing the Zoho Calendar Plugin for Microsoft Outlook

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Launching today is the
Zoho Calendar Plugin for Microsoft Outlook. As more and more of the work gets done on the web, it becomes necessary for the mobile worker
in you to access all the scheduled appointments and events from where ever you are.
Having your Outlook calendar in sync with a web service like Zoho
Calendar should make things easier for you. And that’s what this plugin helps

The salient features include

  • Two-way sync between Microsoft Outlook and Zoho Calendar
  • Syncing multiple Outlook calendars with Zoho
  • SSL encrypted login and syncing of data
  • Quick import of a large number of events from your present Outlook calendar(s)
  • Support for Outlook 2000, 2003 and 2007

out the Installation Guide and User Guide pages for how to install and
work with the plugin. We believe you’ll find the plugin useful. Let us
know your feedback in the comments below or contact us at
support at zohocalendar dot com.

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