Re-kindle the IPL enthusiasm with Zoho Calendar!

Hey there! Remember seeing and subscribing to the Olympics 2020 calendar inside Zoho Calendar? We’re back again to celebrate the next big sporting event! With the Olympics 2020 celebrations winding down throughout the world, we're here to witness India's most anticipated Professional T20 Cricket League: the Indian Premier League (IPL).

IPL 2021, like other significant events such as the Olympics, was affected by the pandemic. After taking a break in the middle of the planned schedule in April, it is set to resume with a warm welcome from a large audience.

To be a part of this exciting, energy-packed premier league, we at Zoho Calendar have brought the IPL schedule right to you from within your calendar. We have created an IPL 2021 calendar inside Zoho Calendar that you can subscribe to.

Subscribing to the calendar allows you to see IPL matches as events in your calendar. You can also view the teams, results, venues, and other details. Even when you're working at your desk, the cricket fan inside of you can keep track of the matches by setting reminders on your calendar. Learn more.

You can also download the entire schedule in ICS format:

Visit our IPL 2021 webpage for more information on the participating teams, venues, interesting titbits, and more.

Follow us on Twitter for regular updates on IPL -2021 and Zoho Calendar. Celebrate this IPL festival by cheering your favorite teams!

If you haven’t yet switched to the new Zoho Calendar, hurry up so you can make the most of the IPL - 2021 calendar and our future enhancements. And if you’re not already using Zoho Calendar, you can sign up for free here.


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