1. What is a Business Rule? How can I define business rules for my project?

Business Rule is a filter that is applied to all your bugs. You can define Business Rules that will enable you to organize the bugs and perform action such as changing the severity, status, module, classification and assigning the bug to a user. Business Rule will be triggered when the bug is created and whenever there is an update in that bug. Learn More.

2. Can I create modules for the bugs?

Yes. The portal administrator is the only one who can create a module for the bugs. In addition, we've provided options to edit / delete and reorder your modules. Learn More.

3. How to set status and workflow for the bugs?

You can create an issue status for bugs based on your requirement such as Open, In Progress, Resolved, Closed, Reopen and so on. And you can configure it's workflow too. Learn More.

4. Can I associate a bug with an existing milestone?

Yes. You can associate a bug to an existing milestone when submitting an issue. Learn More.

5. Is there a consolidated view to see the bugs filed by me / assigned for me?

Yes. My Bugs view provides a consolidated view of bugs filed by you or assigned to you in a project.

6. Can I file a bug directly from my email for a project?

Yes. You can file bugs directly from your email for a project.

  • Go to the Bugs tab and in the footer you can find a default email for bugs.
  • Click this email id and start filing bugs for your project.

7.Can I set permissions for client to view the bugs filed in a project?

Yes. You can set permissions for clients. Bugs can be assigned to client users only when Assign external Bugs to client users is selected. Learn More.