What are duplicate transactions? How can I view/filter them?

Duplicate transactions are identical copies of an original transaction. Having duplicate transactions can result in unwanted confusion while you are matching the transactions in your bank account with the transactions you’ve created in Zoho Books.

These duplicate transactions may be recorded in Zoho Books because of:

  • Fetching duplicate feeds provided by Yodlee
  • If there are any changes in the transaction details, Yodlee will update old transactions with updated transactions, resulting in duplicate feeds.

These duplicates would have to be spotted and excluded to avoid conflicts while reconciling.

Filtering Duplicate Transactions

Zoho Books can spot these duplicate transactions and will list them in the automatically excluded transactions filter.

  • Go to the Banking module.
  • Select a bank account.
  • Click the dropdown near the Uncategorized Transactions tab.
  • Select Automatically Excluded.

All the duplicate transactions that have been identified by Zoho Books will be listed. 

If some, duplicate transactions are not identified automatically,  you can:

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