Zoho Reports, our BI and reporting service included in our Business Process suite, has provided advanced analytics functionality for Zoho CRM, Projects, BugTracker, Creator, and Recruit. And now it’s time for Zoho Books to get an advanced analytics add-on.


Zoho Books has an adequate reporting module built within it. However, if you want to slice and dice your financial data with a lot more visualization options and in depth analytical capabilities, you require a full-fledged business intelligence service. And that’s when you need the Zoho Books advanced analytics add-on, powered by Zoho Reports.

Quick setup
The Zoho Books advanced analytics add-on is easy to set up. Just a few clicks, and you are done. Data gets synced automatically from Zoho Books to Zoho Reports, and you get to analyze your Zoho Books data in a full-fledged BI tool.

Ready made reports and dashboards
The add-on comes with a set of 75+ pre-packaged reports and dashboards, which you will find useful and valuable. From knowing your important finance metrics like quick ratio, activity ratio, EBIT, gross/net profits etc, to viewing trends, the reports and dashboards will help you dig more out of your raw financial data.


Create your own reports and dashboards
Not satisfied with the default set of packaged reports on offer? Create unlimited ad hoc reports and dashboards using the easy drag-and-drop interface of Zoho Reports.

Share your reports and dashboards
Share the reports you created to your colleagues and clients, with fine grained access control permissions. By the way, the reports are all dynamic and interactive. They reflect the latest data. The viewers of a report can apply filters, see the underlying data, do a drill-down, and do much more.


Analyze Zoho Books and Zoho CRM data together
You can bring in your Zoho CRM data, combine it with Zoho Books data, and create valuable reports. This results in seamless sales and financial analytics being done together. This is something that’s not easily doable with most other business intelligence tools in the market.

Like with Zoho CRM, you can get data from other sources, blend it with Zoho Books data, and create reports out of these mixed data sources.

Read more about the add-on here. We also have a sample reporting gallery with the pre-built reports and dashboards. We offer a free 15-day trial of the add-on. Try it out, and we would love to hear your feedback.

We have a live webinar about the advanced analytics add-on for Zoho Books every 2nd/4th Thursday of the month. Register for the webinar here.

And one last thing. In addition to the advanced analytics add-on for Zoho Books, we have an equally powerful advanced analytics add-on for QuickBooks Online.

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  1. Yeo Lay Hoon

    I would like have P&L in monthly column. Currently Zoho not possible. Please make it possible.

  2. Simon

    Is there an ability to do expense forecasting? i.e. setup budget allocations for line items and essentially see what the actual expenses are on a monthly basis for each item and have them subtracted from the budget allocation? (or something like that).

    We are currently doing this in a spreadsheet as we reconcile the expense when it comes through on the bank feeds.

    • Arvind

      Simon: Thanks for asking. I think this is doable. Can you mail us at support@zohoreports.com? We would like to know what/how you currently calculate in the spreadsheet. And we will try to replicate that in Zoho Reports for you.

  3. Denise

    Hi Arvind can you forecast cash flow?
    Thanks, Denise

    • Arvind

      Denise: Currently, cash flow forecasting reports aren’t available. But we will try to provide the same, and let you know when it is available.

  4. Joy

    Good day. I am on the paid plan for Zoho Books . What is the cost fo this add-on?
    My company is It’s Convenient


  5. Rossano Martins

    tá one spectacle, incredible