How Mail Merge Can Help You Personalize and Send Mass Mails

Mail Merge in Writer

Whether it’s for circulating personalized mail within the group or sending out interview letters to candidates, Mail Merge is a must-have tool for any organization. Having it baked into a word processor—something your teams use almost every day—helps boost productivity without having to introduce any new software into the workplace.

Here’s how Writer’s Mail Merge can help solve some of your organization’s everyday document-distribution problems:

1. Send up to 500 pieces of mail at once

Using Mail Merge saves you time and effort when sending bulk mail, without compromising the personal touch you might want them to have. Apart from mail, you can also work on labels, invoices, envelopes and other similar documents that are meant to be created and distributed in large numbers.

All you need is a template document with the required content and graphics. Inserting Merge Fields at the right places does the rest. Smart!

The close-knit integration between Writer and other Zoho apps means you can draw information from your leads in Zoho CRM, or employee information from Zoho People or Zoho Recruit. You can send up to 1000 shipments a day, with a maximum of 500 shipments at once. Here’s our detailed guide on how to set up Mail Merge and data sources.


2. Schedule and track mail

Mid-morning Tuesdays are thought to be the best time to send an internal email, while Friday evenings are probably the worst. If you want your recipients to pay attention, it’s important you reach out to them at the right time. But instead of waiting for that perfect time to click “Send,” why not schedule them in advance?

Schedule Mails option in Writer
Schedule Mails option in Writer

But what if you wanted to cancel sending your scheduled mail? What if you want to send it out a little earlier than planned? How do you know how many of them have been delivered or bounced? We thought hard about these common problems and came up with Mail Merge Logs—a new consolidated summary of all the Mail Merge sessions initiated using a particular document template.

Mail Merge Logs in Writer
Mail Merge Logs in Writer

Here’s a detailed guide on how to use Mail Merge Logs.


3. Clip common attachments

Say your HR team wants to welcome new recruits with a customized email that also contains a copy of the company policy. Say you’re hosting a party, and want to send out a personal reminder to everyone attending, along with a roadmap to the venue. That’s where the Additional Attachment option comes into play.

If you think about it, this option lets you put both – a highly personalized document, and a generic file attachment – in a single package, without any complex steps. Here’s our detailed guide on how to use additional attachments.


4. One alias. Multiple users.

Now that you’ve seen how to create, schedule, and track mail, let’s discuss how you can give it a unified face. Mail Merge comes with an option to use a different From and Reply-to address. Different individuals or departments in your organization can send out mail from their devices, using their own accounts, yet carry the alias of your business in the final shipment.

Choose a different “From” address when you send mails.

All of these capabilities, along with the optimizations we’ve made under the hood takes Writer to a whole different level that we can’t help but get excited about! We’d love to hear how you and your organization benefited from Mail Merge’s many options. Leave us a comment or write to us at


Happy writing!

Make Zoho do more for you: You can now use Writer, along with Sheet and Show, as part of our cloud office suite and other collaboration tools by signing up for Zoho Workplace or for Zoho One.


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