Create Merge Templates

Create Merge Template

Any organization, be it private, government or non-profit, requires generating content such as letters, emails, labels, envelopes and so on. With Writer's document merge and automation features, printing labels and sending personalized letters is as easy as sending emails. You can distribute multiple copies of the same document and send it to multiple recipients, thus saving a lot of time.

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Prepare your template

A template is a document that contains the required text and graphics, which are identical for each version of the final merged document. For example, a document with an address on the envelope, a welcome message, a personalized letter, or a legal agreement. 

To start creating a merge template,

  1. Click More > Automate tab. 
  2. In the Prepare panel, choose the Merge Template option. The Merge Template panel will open.
  3. In the Merge Template panel, you can start creating a new data source or import from the available list. See steps below.

Insert merge fields

Although the individual messages will have the same content, some parts of the message require to be customized. For example, you can greet your customers with their name, add a watermark to your letter, include a profile link or an image, add a personalized subject for each recipient in your mail, and so on.

Once you create a template, insert merge fields as placeholders to personalize your content. You can start creating new merge fields, import fields from existing data source, or create a new data source.

Create new merge fields

Writer lets you add special merge fields in your documents. You can create new fields, and configure the type and value for each fields.

Click here for detailed steps.

Import fields from data source

A data source is a file/database that contains the recipients' details including, Name, Address, Contact Number, Email ID, etc,. You can create a new mailing list or import existing data from different sources, such as a CSV file, a Zoho Sheet file, or merge data from Zoho Creator, Zoho CRM, Zoho Forms, or Zoho Contacts.

Click here for detailed steps.

Create a new data source

If you don't have an existing mailing list as a data source for names and addresses in the mail merge process, you can create one in Writer.

Click here for detailed steps.

Configure field types

Once you have created your merge template with the content and merge fields, you need to configure the type of each field in your document.

Click here for detailed steps.

Pre-configure output settings

You can re-configure the output settings for the merge documents and re-use the template anytime, if needed.

Click here for detailed steps to configure output settings.

Once the above steps are completed, click on Save Settings button to save the settings for the merge template.

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