Introducing Live Checklists For Your Living Documents

We’re kickstarting 2018 by upgrading how Writer makes lists with new collaborative checklists, bullet designs, custom images as bullets, and more. 

Checklists in Writer

From jotting down notes to drafting comprehensive reports, we use documents for so much more than just writing. Bullet points and lists can add organization and professional polish to all sorts of purpose-built documents.

Thanks to some incredible feedback from some of you, we worked hard on improving lists in Writer — to help you present, format, and personalize your bullet points better. Here’s how we’re going about it:

Live checklists

Desktop-based word processors have always offered a wide array of features, yet for most users, these features have been too complex or fragile to let users really dig into dynamic elements, like checklists, in their docs. Just take a look at the steps to insert a clickable checklist in MS Word, and you’ll know what we’re talking about.

Two square brackets [], and the space button; that’s all it takes in Writer to create a checklist you can actually “check”.

Live Checklists in Writer
Live Checklists in Writer

Lists in Writer also come with additional options to check or uncheck items together, or even re-order them. We’re particularly excited about the smart sorting options, where you can easily sort lists by dates you’ve added to them.

Sorting options for lists in Writer
Sorting options for lists in Writer


Good-old monochrome bullets get new friends!

Along with the checklist updates, we’re also giving bulleted lists in Writer a major facelift. The standard monochrome ones will now be accompanied by refreshing new designs for you to choose from.

New list designs in Writer
New list designs in Writer


Fun fact:Try the “Use Symbol” option under Bulleted Lists menu to insert emojis as your bullet points. ?

Emoji-based lists in Writer
Emoji-based lists in Writer


Image bullets are here.

Our updates to lists doesn’t stop with the new designs. We’re also adding an Image Bullet option to let you personalize documents even further. You can now set custom designs or images as bullets. This one’s real fun too!

Custom bullets in Writer
Custom bullets in Writer

Custom bullets are also great for setting up unique document templates for your organization and passing it around.

That’s all for now. As always, keep your suggestions coming. It’s you who primarily drive feature releases here at Writer. So let us know what you think about the new updates by commenting here, or writing to us at


Happy writing!

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18 Replies to Introducing Live Checklists For Your Living Documents

  1. This is all so super awesome and exciting! I cannot wait to check this out. I have no doubt it's going to be very productive and fun to use. I have been using the "Notebook" app and extension for a long time. I use them for both my personal and school needs. (I am Criminal Justice major in college) I love exploring new apps, ideas, and looking for great tools to combine ways to enrich my education, get ideas and images, articles, resources and reminders to help me on my quests to start my journey towards creating a unique and successful online business so that I can create happy and stress-free lifestyle for myself and my family that have been through such horrific tragedy and struggle. Zoho Notebook helps me gather resources I need to help with some books I want to write and monetize which will hopefully generate enough income that will lead to the need for several more apps that Zoho created and will surely serve to make my online venture even easier, more productive, organized, and fun!!! Thanks and keep creating awesome stuff:)

  2. Thank you for sharing this article with us! I believe there will be more people like me, they can find many interesting things in this article of you.

  3. The checklist feature is amazing. It's as if you guys read my mind. I've been wanting something like that for awhile. I spend hours on Writer every day and this will definitely make my content writing process easier. Thank you, guys!

    1. Hi, Shivam! Checklists currently come in two default designs. We'll look into the possibilities of adding more designs in the future to better suit your needs. Thanks for trying out the new updates! =]

      1. There is a bug in font library popup. Selection list doesn't scroll down even if font change show in the third column. BTW Zoho Writer is awesome.

        1. Hi, Shivam! I'll definitely ask my team to look into this. Really, really glad you liked Writer! We're counting on you for some great feedback for all things Writer. :) Have an amazing weekend! :)

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