Transfer calls to the right agent in Zoho Voice

Any business that handles a lot of calls will regularly need to transfer calls. Zoho Voice now allows you to transfer an ongoing phone call from one agent to another mid-conversation. Call transfer is useful when a caller reaches the wrong department, or when you want to transfer a call to a colleague who you feel is better equipped to answer the caller's questions.

In general, there are two ways to transfer a call: cold transfer and warm transfer. A cold transfer, also called a blind transfer, is when you transfer a call directly to another agent without talking to them first. A warm transfer, or an attended transfer, is where you talk to the caller first, and then transfer the call to another agent, explaining the relevant context to the other agent before they speak to the caller. Zoho Voice only allows warm transfers.

How do I transfer a call?

Transferring a call is easy. Once you receive the call, click the Transfer button in the dial pad. Now, search for the agent you want to transfer the call to and click Call.

Explain the caller's request to the agent and click the Merge button to merge the calls. Finally, click the End button to completely transfer the call to the other agent. You can check out the details of all your transferred calls in the Logs page.

To make things easier for you and smoother for your customers, we have a few guidelines for you to follow when you transfer a call:

  • Answer the call and gather all the details you need about the caller and their request, and explain to them why their call needs to be transferred.

  • When you click the transfer button, the call will be put on hold. So, let the caller know that they will be on hold until you connect them with the other agent.

  • Once you connect with the other agent, explain the situation to them so that the caller doesn't have to repeat it all over again.

  • Merge the calls and tell the caller that the new agent will take over the call. If needed, you can have a three-way conversation before you disconnect from the call.

  • When you are ready to hand over to the other agent, tell them you're hanging up, and then disconnect the call at your end.

  • If the agent you want to transfer the call to is busy or offline, you cannot transfer the call. Resume the call with your client and inform them that the agent is busy. Then, either give them the direct number of the agent or tell them that the other agent will call them back later. Don't forget to notify your colleague about the call.

We hope that these pointers will help you ensure a smooth transition while transferring calls. Please note that the call transfer feature is only available in Zoho Voice. It is not currently available in the Voice-Telephony integration.

Access your Zoho Voice account and try transferring a call to a colleague when you need to. Solidify business relationships by treating your clients right during a phone call, the same as you would in person. If you're new to Zoho Voice, create your account now and explore all the cloud telephony features you need to manage modern business communication.


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