ZDialer dives into your mobile to keep your calls smart and handy

Zoho Voice is rolling out a lightweight adaptation of the ZDialer for your mobile. To enhance call performance, ZDialer is specifically scaled down to a mobile-optimized format by incorporating its flagship features that are popular for its web presence. It is simple, fast, reliable, and occupies minimal storage space, ensuring that your call handling is a cakewalk.

All Zoho Voice users, including the telephony agents under the Enterprise Telephony edition's standard plan, have access to the ZDialer mobile app. All call-related configurations, like number purchase, credit purchase, IVR settings, and call recording, must be managed from Voice's web version, however.

 The functions in the ZDialer app are designed to support and accelerate your workflows by sending push notifications even when your agents are not using the app, prompting them to take action just as a call arrives. The app offers a smooth user experience by seamlessly coordinating with built-in utilities like your microphone, contact book, etc. It lets you access call logs easily, allowing you to track your prospects and customers, find trends, and take necessary actions faster.

Build viable and compelling business correspondence

 Promote one-to-one, personalized interaction and information delivery by enabling ZDialer's native integration with Zoho CRM and Desk, and introduce intuitive contact look-up for all your calls. Make your agents more adept in handling calls by enabling them functional access to contextual information that they need in real time to assist customers viably and proficiently.

Establish just-in-time, context-aware transitions

 Enable viable context sharing between your agents by merging or transferring calls so they relay critical information to one another, resolving your customers' questions more precisely and opportunely. Relieve your customers from the burden of receiving inconsistent replies across touchpoints in a call and repeating the same context to multiple agents.

Customize your cloud call preferences on the go

 Make it easy for your agents to call your customers anywhere in the world by letting them choose the default country they wish to make outgoing calls from a list of configured numbers. Keep your agents' availability status visible for smart routing, and merge calls for better agent-to-agent collaboration and monitoring.

Unpin your agents from their desks

Having ZDialer inhabit a device that never leaves your agent's side makes it easy for your agents to be ever-ready to handle calls in almost any scenario. Facilitate your agents to effortlessly interact with your customers anywhere around the globe as long as there's an internet connection, and ensure they can better meet on your customers' terms.

The ZDialer mobile app not only helps your business gain momentum in a mobile-centric society but also conquer geographies in just a few clicks. You can find the ZDialer app for the platform of your choice—Android or iOS. Download it now to propel your business forward and break down the barriers to future business success.


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