Zoho Vault recognized as a Challenger and Fast Mover in the 2023 GigaOm Radar for Password Management

We're thrilled to announce that the leading analyst firm GigaOm has recognized Zoho Vault as a Challenger and Fast Mover in the 2023 GigaOm Radar for Password Management. This report provides extensive insights into the features and capabilities used to evaluate password management vendors, and we are proud to join this exclusive list for the first time.

At Zoho, our vision is to serve as the operating system for businesses. We launched Zoho Vault as a simple team password manager in 2013. Today, we serve thousands of large enterprises worldwide. We help them run their entire operations with our tightly integrated suite, which includes password management and passwordless authentication via single sign-on (SSO). 

This recognition from GigaOm is extraordinary as we complete a successful decade. Read the report to discover how Zoho Vault stands out as a comprehensive password management solution. Learn about its robust features, including secure password storage, encrypted sharing, privileged access management, and multi-factor authentication.

 Here's what the report has to say about the password management space 

In GigaOm’s announcement, Paul Stringfellow, an analyst for GigaOm, expands on password management: "Every organization has employees who are buried in username and password combinations, both business and personal. Humans are not good at remembering long and complex passwords, and this leads to poor practices that include reusing passwords, writing them down, or saving them in browsers. These practices present a significant risk to the security of an organization."

Today, cybercriminals are well-equipped to exploit the vulnerability posed by unsafely stored passwords, knowing that compromising a user's credentials grants them access to critical systems and business data. Consequently, these usernames and passwords become prime targets, emphasizing the urgent need for organizations to bolster password security, prevent social engineering attacks, and simplify user authentication.

Password managers offer a centralized repository of all passwords in an encrypted vault that can only be unlocked with the master password. Users need to remember only one master password to log in everywhere else, whereas IT admins can get a clear picture of accountability. It also helps in password creation, enforcement of password policies, automated credential completion, and secure password sharing. As a result, login friction is reduced, user efficiency is improved, and the complexities contributing to poor password practices and heightened risk are minimized.

Enterprise-grade password management solutions, like Zoho Vault, take it a step further by integrating with broader identity management platforms, enabling capabilities like single sign-on (SSO) and identity lifecycle management. This integration streamlines user access across multiple systems and applications, further enhancing security and user convenience.

 About Zoho Vault in the Radar Report 

1. Part of an entire suite of operations

Zoho Vault is part of the Zoho suite of apps that helps businesses run their entire operations online with our tightly integrated suite. Vault seamlessly integrates with other Zoho applications, such as Zoho Desk, Zoho Projects, Zoho Mail, and more. This interconnected ecosystem allows businesses to manage their passwords and access credentials alongside other critical business functions, fostering streamlined workflows and efficient collaboration.

By consolidating with a single vendor like Zoho, businesses can benefit from centralized management, simplified administration, and cohesive data handling, which ultimately leads to improved productivity and resource optimization.

2. Robust password management and security

Zoho Vault provides a centralized and secure platform for managing passwords across an organization. It allows administrators to enforce strict password policies, such as setting minimum password length, complexity requirements, and password expiration rules. With features like a password generator and policy enforcer, Zoho Vault helps users create strong, unique passwords that are less susceptible to cyber threats.

The platform employs robust encryption protocols, protecting passwords at rest and in transit, ensuring data remains safe even in the event of a breach. By offering multi-factor authentication (MFA) options, Zoho Vault adds an extra layer of security, mitigating the risk of unauthorized access and safeguarding sensitive information.

3. User efficiency and password automation

Zoho Vault streamlines the password management process by automating various tasks, saving time and effort for both users and administrators. The platform's password generator function automatically creates strong passwords, eliminating the need for users to create their own, potentially weak, passwords. Additionally, administrators can define password policies that are automatically enforced, reducing the burden on users to remember complex requirements.

These secure password-sharing features facilitate efficient team collaboration without compromising security. With reduced log-on friction, users can access the necessary resources promptly, enhancing overall productivity.

4. Available integrations and customizability

Zoho Vault's extensive library of out-of-the-box integrations with major identity platforms (such as Azure AD, Google Workspace, and Okta) and single sign-on (SSO) providers ensures seamless integration with existing IT infrastructure. This interoperability simplifies user provisioning, access control, and authentication processes across various systems.

Moreover, Zoho Vault's robust set of APIs enhances its extensibility, empowering organizations to interact with the platform programmatically and integrate it with third-party tools. Zoho's Flow platform offers no-code capabilities for more customized workflows, allowing businesses to tailor Zoho Vault to their specific needs and business processes.

5. Secure password sharing

Zoho Vault prioritizes security in password sharing, allowing organizations to share passwords securely across user groups and third-party collaborators. Users can define granular access controls and permissions, ensuring that only authorized individuals can access specific passwords. Encrypted sharing ensures that sensitive information remains protected during transmission, reducing the risk of data leaks or unauthorized access. The collaborative features enable seamless teamwork, even in scenarios involving remote teams or external partners.

6. Regular security audits and threat response matrix

As a testament to its commitment to security, Zoho Vault conducts regular security audits and assessments to identify and address potential vulnerabilities. By staying vigilant about emerging threats, the platform keeps users informed about the latest security measures and best practices. In the event of a security incident or breach, Zoho Vault employs a well-defined threat response matrix to mitigate the impact swiftly and protect user data. This proactive approach fosters a robust security posture, instilling confidence in users that their passwords and access credentials are in safe hands.

Wrapping up 

In conclusion, Zoho Vault's inclusion in Zoho's suite of solutions, robust password management and security features, password automation capabilities, extensive integrations, secure password sharing options, and proactive security practices make it a comprehensive and reliable password management solution for businesses of all sizes.

Go ahead and download the full copy of the report to learn more in detail.

If you’re new to Zoho Vault, you can sign up for our 15-day free trial. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to drop your comments below or write to us at support@zohovault.com.


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