Introducing New Features in Zoho Vault: Powerful Password Sharing, Wider Storing

Ever since we launched Zoho Vault, an online password manager for teams, we have been receiving constant feedback from our customers – appreciations, concerns, comments, pain-points and constructive criticisms. We are giving sincere attention to all the feedback. We have now given shape to some of the feature requests and here is the summary of recent enhancements:
Securely store and share files, documents

You can securely store not just passwords, but also documents, files, images, digital certificates and licenses in Zoho Vault. Files can be stored as individual entities or along with secrets. You can add multiple files with a single secret and retrieve them from anywhere, even through your mobile devices. The file attachments are also treated like passwords – they can be shared with users and user groups and are encrypted in your browser itself. The encryption key is never stored anywhere. So, complete data privacy is ensured.

Share a group of passwords (chamber sharing)
This is perhaps the most wanted feature in Zoho Vault. After organizing your secrets into chambers (password groups), you can share the chambers with individual users or a group of users in bulk. Assume the scenario of creating a chamber containing the secrets belonging to the marketing team and then sharing the chamber with the marketing group. In one-click, all the members of the marketing group will get all the secrets pertaining to them. When you add a new member to the marketing group, the user will automatically inherit all the shares and permissions already granted to that group. Similarly, when you add a new secret to the chamber, it will become automatically available to all the members with whom the chamber has been shared.
Find ‘who’ has access to ‘what’ passwords through reports
Intuitive reports in Zoho Vault tell you ‘who’ has access to ‘what’ secrets and who all have got access to a specific secret. You can either view the list of all users and their corresponding access details or select a specific user and generate a report. Similarly, to find who are all accessing a secret, you can either view the list of all secrets and the corresponding access details or select a specific secret.
Organization user groups
You can group the users of your organization and create ‘User Groups’. This will come in handy to carry out various operations in bulk like sharing secrets or chambers to user groups. You can add or remove users to/from a group anytime. When you add a new user to a user group, the user will inherit all the shares and permissions already granted to that group.
Acquire secrets when an employee leaves the organization
When someone leaves your organization, super-admin can acquire the ‘Enterprise’ type secrets owned by that user. This helps ensure that accounts are not left orphans.
Centrally control usage of certain features by your users
You can allow/restrict certain features organization wide and selectively exempt users as needed. Storing personal passwords, exporting secrets, granting offline and mobile app access can be controlled this way. Super admins and administrators will have the privilege to enforce this restriction and modify this anytime. All the restrictions imposed and exemptions granted are audited.
Android app for anytime, anywhere password access
You can access your passwords anytime, anywhere from your mobile using the Android app. This app has been designed to ensure both ease-of-use and the highest level of information security and privacy. This app facilitates secure offline access too enabling users to retrieve passwords even without internet connectivity. The app is now available for download in Google play store:
Zoho Vault is now available in three plans – Personal (Free forever), Standard and Professional.

With these features, we have delivered a major milestone. We are curious to hear what you think of Zoho Vault, and most importantly, how you use it and how it helps you get work done better.


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  1. Features you explained are very good ! I have tired Splash ID Safe for my password since few months and found that it is also a good product for securely saving your passwords. Else , I found your product very interesting. Will surely prefer to other peoples !

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