#BeCyberSmart this Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2021

Since 2004, the National Cybersecurity Alliance and the U.S Department of Homeland Security have run awareness campaigns on various cybersecurity challenges and how to address them better during the month of October. Top government agencies and companies across the globe will also participate in this campaign by educating their stakeholders about the importance of online security. The evergreen theme is “Do Your Part. #BeCyberSmart.”

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 What’s special in 2021?

Today, our online and offline lives are deeply connected. Each of us should do our part to protect our digital world with strong security practices, educating our communities, coworkers, and highly vulnerable folks such as children, elderly people, and non-tech-savvy users. The Cybersecurity Awareness Month focus in 2021 will be on the following areas: 


Focus areas

Week 1: Be Cyber Smart

Make sure everyone around you is educated about the basics of cybersecurity and equip them with the right tools, such as password manager, multi-factor authentication, data backup, and patching vulnerable software, to protect their online information. Learn more about being cyber smart.

Week 2: Fight the Phish!

Share tips and best practices while receiving text messages, chats, emails, etc from suspicious sources. Learn more about phishing.

Week 3: Explore. Experience. Share.

Explore career opportunities available in cybersecurity. Whether you’re a student, an adult looking for a career change, or an industry veteran, there is always something exciting for everyone in the cybersecurity space.

Week 4: Cybersecurity First

Run cybersecurity training for employees and contract workers to protect your organization’s data. Keep a security and privacy-first mindset while purchasing a new device or product for work or personal use.

Get yourself involved

Cybersecurity Awareness Month is community-driven and everyone’s participation matters. Here are some ways to contribute on social media, at home, in your community, and at work:

  • Post cybersecurity tips on social media with the #CyberAware hashtag

  • Blog about cybersecurity and share your best practices

  • Create cybersecurity awareness using emails and newsletters

  • Host free training sessions

  • Create and distribute educational resources on online security

Do your part! Join us this year to promote online safety and follow us on Twitter where we regularly post tips and best practices to stay safe online.


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