Zoho TeamInbox integrates with Zapier

Let's acknowledge this right off the bat: Nowadays, there is an app for anything and everything to help you get your work done in the best way possible. The nature of apps is that they help solve the purpose or problem that they’re intended for, but they usually operate in silos.

You may have already discovered that siloed applications often lack the ability to adhere to different aspects of a business cohesively and create an impact. Besides, from a user perspective, managing a multitude of individual apps can be overwhelming.

The need of the hour is robust synergy of different applications to ensure smooth operations and processes in everything your team does.

Keeping this in mind, we have come up with an integration for Zoho TeamInbox that will help you connect different applications, set up workflows, and extract the maximum value out of them.

Zoho TeamInbox integrates with Zapier

With Zapier, an automation platform, you can now connect Zoho TeamInbox with your favorite workplace applications and move information between them seamlessly. Create custom workflows (Zaps) to automate or remove tedious, manual tasks that are reducing your team's performance—without writing a single line of code.

You can create your own Zaps or choose from some of our pre-built Zaps mentioned below that will help you boost your shared inbox experience.

Build your contacts list effortlessly by automatically adding new Mailchimp subscribers. When a new subscriber is added to your Mailchimp list, this zap creates a new contact in Zoho TeamInbox.

Sort the data to your convenience and derive all the insights you need. This zap automatically creates a spreadsheet row in Google Sheets when there is an incoming message in Zoho TeamInbox.

Skip the tedious work of manually importing or copy-pasting the lead details from your Facebook Lead Ads account. When there is a new lead in your Facebook Lead Ads, this zap automatically creates a new contact in Zoho TeamInbox.

It's essential for any business not to let the leads cool off. Get connected and follow up with your leads instantly by sending an email in Zoho TeamInbox when you have a new lead in Google Ads.

Manage your sales activities effectively by setting up a smooth flow between Zoho TeamInbox and Zendesk Sell. This zap will automatically transition your incoming email to a lead in Zendesk Sell.

Reduce the switching between email and chat applications and focus on the task at hand by automatically sharing your incoming email in Zoho TeamInbox as a message to your Slack channel. When a new message is received in Zoho TeamInbox,  this zap posts it as a new message to a specific channel in Slack.

Usually, there's not enough time or bandwidth to organize your leads and set up pipelines, resulting in the failure of sales and relationship building. Use this zap to automatically organize your pipelines, such that when a new email is sent in Zoho TeamInbox, a new deal is created in Pipedrive.

This zap lets you manage and respond better to your customers or prospects. When a new response is registered in TypeForm, the entry is automatically converted into a contact in Zoho TeamInbox.

Let us know in the comments how this integration with Zapier has made your Zoho TeamInbox experience even better. You can also follow us on Twitter and Instagram and join our community forum for regular updates.


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