Get to know your customers better: Survey to survive competition

"This town ain’t big enough for the both of us”: Can your brand say this with full conviction to a competitor?

Picture this: You’re the town biggie. Everyone loves you, at least you think they do - enter the new guy. How do you know you stand a chance?

Zoho survey-listenThe same goes for your business and your customers. Do you just think they love you, or do they really?

To stay visible and known to new consumers, you have to depend on marketing to ‘mark your territory’. Your competitor has one thing going for it - its novelty. Combine that with competitive pricing, and you could be in trouble. Can you guarantee that your customers will remain loyal to your brand for long?

There’s only one way to find out: Ask them. 

Surveys give you answers and insights that help you predict trends and make informed decisions. You can define the goals of your surveys and phrase questions to get the right data. Surveys allow you to know your customers – their expectations, how much they value your product, what are the areas of improvement and what makes your business work for them. The smallest details can give you an edge.

Moreover, when your customers know you are listening, you build a brand loyalty hard to surpass - no matter how many competitors enter the market.

Customer feedback is wonderful information to have. Give it a shot. Use a customer satisfaction template survey from Zoho Survey and gather important data from the people who matter - your customers.


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